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FREE, localized guide to software and hardware for the Macintosh. You can find, add, or remove your products, list URLs where your products are available, and update your product information.

ADC News

Apr 16, 2004, No. 394
Pre-Conference Workshops: Exclusively for WWDC 2004 Attendees

At no extra cost, WWDC attendees can choose from five pre-conference workshops conducted by Apple engineers and third-party experts on Sunday, June 27. Register for WWDC today, and reserve your spot in one of these exclusive in-depth workshops.

ADC Member News
[1] New ADC Discount Program: Managed Hosting Solutions from Gadoz
Complex web and application hosting requires expertly engineered server and network architectures. When your application requires 99.999% uptime, multi-homed BGP connections, redundant Firewalls, Routers, and Load Balancers, then you need the services of Gadoz. Featuring an all Xserve architecture at the prestigious Palo Alto Internet Exchange, Gadoz specializes in Zope Application Servers with MySQL or PostgreSQL back-end databases. Gadoz is offering special discounts for its services to all ADC Premier and Select members worldwide.
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Internet and Server
[2] System Administration Tool News: Navicat 5.0.2
Navicat, a MySQL client from PremiumSoft, has been updated to version 5.0.2. This is a maintenance release fixing a bug on the table creation function and adding some minor enhancements.
[3] Web Development Tool News: BasaOne 1.0.4, Web Site Maestro 3.0.3, Plone 2.0, Register Plus
BasaOne 1.0.4 from Basasoft is a Web Application IDE. It allows you to write web applications with database access without knowledge of different programming languages, servers, or databases. BasaOne integrates development with technologies such as JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, HTML, and CSS into one application with a debugger and compiler.

Web Site Maestro 3.0.3 from Tonbrand Software speeds up your site by optimizing both HTML and script code. It features one-click optimizing and uploading. The application is now 'Unicode-savvy' and can work with MacRoman or UTF-8 files, as well as web pages with Japanese characters.

Plone 2.0 from the Plone Team is a content management system. It includes an intuitive interface and out-of-the-box features such as time-based content publishing and role-based authoring and publishing. Particularly compelling for many organizations is that Plone is available without licensing costs and offers a similarly stable, feature-rich CMS environment as competing commercial systems costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The new Register Plus plug-in from Web Crossing provides an option for obtaining agreement with the Terms of Service before a user's registration is processed. Register Plus can automatically prevent duplicate email addresses from registering, ensuring easy setup of email lists, which require unique email addresses. Register Plus also provides an option to notify the administrator when a new user registers.
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[4] Java Tool News: MRJ Adapter 1.0.5
MRJ Adapter 1.0.5 from Steve Roy provides a consistent, cross-platform and easy API to integrate with all Apple VMs on Mac OS X. This version brings bug fixes, support for JBuilder, Eclipse and Ant, and integrates a set of classes to automatically create and handle all-inclusive menubars.
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Mac OS X
[5] Revised Carbon Reference Library Document
Sample Code: FileNotification (Revised)
[6] New Arrivals April 12 Issue Online
This web-based newsletter highlights third-party products for Mac OS X in specific market segments: Business, Education, Creative, Sci Tech, Home, Games, Peripherals, and Utilities. It also includes information on third-party promotions.

[7] Mac OS X Tool News: iLocalize Pro 1.3
iLocalize Pro 1.3 from Arizona Software is available to ADC Members for US$99 (regularly $149). iLocalize Pro 1.3 handles multiple languages in the same project, offers custom glossaries, incremental merges, exhaustive comments, optimization features and is fully Unicode compliant. To take advantage of this offer, simply send and e-mail to and include the promotional code "ADCDiscount" in the subject of the e-mail.

For more development tools:
Macintosh Products Guide

Mac OS X Downloads
[8] Useful Utilities: BugManager 1.0.3, PowerTerm InterConnect 7.1.1
BugManager 1.0.3 is freeware from turingart that manages a local database of bugs found by your team or submitted by your customers. It can be used to manage software, hardware, or web bug reports.

PowerTerm InterConnect 7.1.1 from Ericom Software Inc. is a Mac OS X-native terminal emulator for running legacy host applications. PowerTerm InterConnect supports SSH/SSL encryption and connects to a broad range of hosts. Version 7.1.1 supports Mac OS X v10.3 Panther.
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Multimedia and QuickTime
[9] New Apple Applications Article: Final Cut Pro 4 Opens up with XML Interchange Format
Final Cut Pro can share project information with any application that supports XML. Read this article to learn more about the developer opportunities for creating application features and tools.

[10] Revised Graphics & Imaging Reference Library Document
ColorSync Manager Reference (Revised)
[11] Multimedia Tool News: 3D-Matrix 2004, fxStabilizer 1.2
3D-Matrix 2004 from DigitalScores is a powerful environment for creating 3D models. 3D Matrix is intended for game developers and graphic designers starting out in 3D modeling. It offers an extensive range of export functions to act as a gateway to other powerful tools.

fxStabilizer 1.2 from Digital Thought Software is a video stabilizer plugin for iMovie. It eliminates camera shakiness and makes panning, rotation and zooming smoother.
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Training and Events
[12] Developers and Enterprise/IT Personnel Training
Apple Training courses teach developers how to build full-featured applications using the advanced developer tools available on Mac OS X. Apple also offers all levels of IT training for professionals who are responsible for planning, maintaining, and integrating Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server into their various network environments. For details about course offerings, visit the Apple Training website or call 1-(800)-848-6398.

[13] Developer Training and Seminars
Cocoa Bootcamp
April 19-23 in Atlanta, GA

Sun Tech Days
April 20-21 in Singapore
ADC Members: Use code "APP1001" to receive 20% discount.

AppleScript Pro 5-Day Training Event
May 3-7 in Monterey, CA

TECSoft AppleScript Training in U.K.
May 25-27 in Middlesex, U.K.

Ongoing: Apache Bootcamp

Ongoing: OpenGL Shading Language Seminars
[14] Developer Events
A special hardware discount program is available to ADC Premier and Select exhibitors at several major trade shows.

Experimental Biology Teachers Conference
April 17-21 in Washington, DC

NAB (National Assoc. of Broadcasters)
April 17-22 in Las Vegas, NV
Special Apple Technology Event April 18
Hardware discounts for Premier and Select exhibitors

May 6-19 in Duesseldorf, Germany

May 12-14, Los Angeles, CA

Macworld Conference 2004 in London
May 17-18 in London, U.K.

National Education Computing Conference
June 20-23 in New Orleans, LA

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2004
June 28-July 2 in San Francisco, CA
Early registration ends April 30
Hardware discounts for Premier and Select exhibitors

ADHOC/MacHack 19
July 21-24 in Dearborn, MI

O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON)
July 26-30 in Portland, OR
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