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Apple provides opportunities for developers to create hardware devices, including memory, mass storage, PCI, CardBus, USB, FireWire, and wireless solutions. Developer notes listed in the Apple Hardware topic provide relevant connector, cabling and pin-out information, physical dimensions, electrical and thermal requirements, and pointers and references to standards.
Hardware Resources
A guided introduction and learning path to developing hardware and device-level software for Apple's computers and servers.  
Hardware Topics
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Apple computers, including laptop, desktop, and rack mountable machines.   An open specification that enables low-bandwidth, short-range wireless communication between computers and peripherals, such as mobile phones, mice, and personal data assistants.   Programming interfaces that support the development of in-kernel and application-level device access.
A high-performance, cross-platform peripheral standard that supports high-bandwidth devices. FireWire is an implementation of the IEEE 1394 standards.   Any device that humans use to control a computer's operations. Some of these devices can vibrate or provide other tactile feedback, called force feedback.   Random-access and sequential-access devices that provide data storage, including those that mount file systems or are bootable.
Programming interfaces for creating, processing, and playing high-quality sound content.   Cards that are typically used for devices requiring low-latency communication.   Tools, techniques, and programming interfaces for measuring, evaluating, and improving code performance.
A high-speed computer interface used to connect peripheral devices to a computer.   Devices that attach to the serial port, such as modems, data terminals, and some mice and printers.   A cross-platform peripheral standard that supports hot-plugging and expandability for low-cost, low-bandwidth devices.
  Technologies, features, products, or APIs that are no longer supported or have been superseded.  

eMac Developer Note

12-inch PowerBook G4 Developer Note

15-inch PowerBook G4 Developer Note

17-inch PowerBook G4 Developer Note

iBook Developer Note

Xserve G5 Developer Note

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