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System-level services in Mac OS X streamline the development process for audio developers, as well as for application developers who want to incorporate music and other audio media into their products. Core Audio provides native multichannel audio in a manner scalable for future high resolution formats as they arise. Audio Units and Audio Unit Graph (AUGraph) APIs provide a plug-in architecture for both DSP (audio in/audio out) and virtual instruments (MIDI in/audio out). MIDI services allow for multiport MIDI capability.
Music & Audio Resources
A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Mac OS X music and audio.  
Music & Audio Topics
A set of procedural C APIs for developing full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.   A set of object-oriented application frameworks that support rapid development of full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X.   Frameworks and tools for audio and MIDI data manipulation, such as saving and playing audio data, converting audio data between formats, and recording and playing MIDI data.
Programming interfaces that support the development of in-kernel and application-level device access.   Opportunities for developers to create hardware devices compatible with Apple technology.   An environment for developing cross-platform applications. Java is built into and distributed with every copy of Mac OS X.
A serial data protocol and a related family of file formats.   Tools, techniques, and programming interfaces for measuring, evaluating, and improving code performance.   A multiplatform multimedia technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, interactivity, and music.

Core Audio

Writing Audio Device Drivers

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