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Inside Macintosh: Devices /
Chapter 4 - SCSI Manager 4.3 / SCSI Manager 4.3 Reference
Data Structures

SCSI Driver Identification Parameter Block

You use the SCSI driver identification parameter block with the SCSICreateRefNumXref, SCSILookupRefNumXref, and SCSIRemoveRefNumXref functions to exchange device driver registration information. The SCSI driver identification parameter block is defined by the SCSIDriverPB data type.

struct SCSIDriverPB
   SInt16      scsiDriver;
   UInt16      scsiDriverFlags;
   DeviceIdent scsiNextDevice;
typedef struct SCSIDriverPB SCSIDriverPB;
Field Description
A macro that includes the SCSI Manager parameter block header, described on page 4-21.
The driver reference number of the device driver associated with this device identification record.
Driver information flags. These flags are not interpreted by the XPT but can be used to provide information about the driver to other clients. The following flags are defined:
Only the device driver should access this device. SCSI utilities and other applications that bypass drivers should check this flag before accessing a device.
This driver or device does not accept original SCSI Manager requests.
The device identification record of the next device in the driver registration list.

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