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Inside Macintosh: Devices /
Chapter 6 - Power Manager / Power Manager Reference

Power Manager Dispatch Routines

This section describes the Power Manager dispatch routines. You can use these routines to

The functions in this section are described using the C language interface. The section "Summary of the Power Manager," beginning on page 6-67, includes both Pascal and C interfaces.
Assembly-language note:

All the functions in this section share a single trap, _PowerMgrDispatch ($A09E). The trap is register based: parameters are passed in register D0 and sometimes also in A0. A routine selector value passed in the low word of register D0 determines which routine is executed.

Determining the Power Manager Features Available
Controlling the Sleep and Wakeup Timers
Controlling the Dimming Timer
Controlling the Hard Disk
Getting Information About the Internal Batteries
Controlling the Internal Modem
Controlling the Processor
Getting and Setting the SCSI ID
Application-Defined Routines
Sleep Procedures
Hard Disk Spindown Function

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