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Inside Macintosh: Files /
Chapter 2 - File Manager

File Manager Reference

This section describes the routines provided by the File Manager and the data structures you must pass when calling those routines.

The "Data Structures" section shows the Pascal data structures for all the records and parameter blocks that most applications are likely to use. If you need information about data structures describing the structure of the information maintained on volumes or in memory, see "Data Organization on Volumes" and "Data Organization in Memory" earlier in this chapter.

The remaining sections describe the routines provided by the File Manager.

Data Structures
High-Level File Access Routines
Low-Level File Access Routines
High-Level Volume Access Routines
Low-Level Volume Access Routines
File System Specification Routines
High-Level HFS Routines
Low-Level HFS Routines
Shared Environment Routines
File ID Routines
Foreign File System Routines
Utility Routines
Application-Defined Routines

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