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Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines / Part 2 - The Interface Elements

Chapter 8 - Icons

This chapter describes icons, their appearance, and their use in the Macintosh interface. It presents information on how to design icons and general guidelines for designing icons of different sizes and bit depths. This chapter also describes how to customize the standard icons you can provide for your products.

Icons are graphic representations of objects such as documents, storage media, folders, applications, and the Trash. Icons look like their real-world counterparts whenever possible. People can select, open, move, copy, and throw away icons. Figure 8-1 shows some icons displayed in the Finder.

Figure 8-1 Common icons

Chapter Contents
Why Icons Work
Limitations of Icons
Designing Effective Icons
Use Appropriate Metaphors
Think About Worldwide Compatibility
Avoid Text in Icons
Design for the Macintosh Display
Use a Consistent Light Source
Optimize for Your Target Display
Maintain a Consistent Visual Appearance in an Icon Family
Use Icon Elements Consistently
The Finder Icon Family
An Icon Design Process
Black-and-White Icons
Color Icons
Icon Colors
The Apple Icon Color Set
Degradation of the Color Set Across Monitors
Selection Mechanism for Color Icons
Color Labeling Mechanism for Color Icons
Small Icons
Default and Custom Icons
Application Icons
Document Icons
Stationery Pad Icons
Query Document Icons
Edition Icons
Preferences Icons
Extension Icons
Control Panel Icons
Movable Resource Icons
Keyboard Icons

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