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Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines

16-by-16 pixel (small) icons [1] [2] [3]
16-by-16 pixel (small) icons 
32-by-32 pixel (large) icons [1]
4-bit color icons
45-degree angles in icon design
8-bit color icons
80 percent solution
About command
access privileges
access to help systems
accessibility [1]
accumulating attribute groups
activating windows
active area in dialog boxes
active keyboard
active windows [1]
    and dialog box positions [1]
    using color to distinguish
active-application icon, as correct term
adev, correct terminology for
aesthetic integrity, as design principle [1]
alert boxes
    and ellipsis character in menus [1]
    appearance of
    as special case of modal dialog box
    color in
    compared with other dialog boxes
    default display positions of [1]
    layout of
    location of buttons in
    providing feedback in
    save changes [1] [2]
    stop [1]
    types of [1]
    warning of data loss in
    worldwide issues and
alignment of elements in dialog boxes [1]
alternating icons in menu bar [1]
ambiguous command names [1]
American Heritage Dictionary
anti-aliasing in icons [1]
Apple icon color set [1]
Apple menu [1]
Apple Menu Items folder
Apple Publications Style Guide [1]
Apple reserved keyboard equivalents [1]
application icons
Application menu [1] [2]
    alternating icon in [1]
    background notification techniques and [1]
application menu titles
applications, naming in dialog box messages
Apply button [1] [2]
    and arrow keys
    discontinuous selection in
    navigating with the Tab key
    Return key and
    selecting in [1]
    Tab key and
arrow keys [1]
    and modifier keys [1]
    and scroll bars
    selecting with [1]
arrow pointer
ascent line for fonts
attribute groups in menus [1] [2]
audible notifications
audience [1]
    . See also users
augmentative and assistive communication
auto-repeat [1]
automatic scrolling [1]
background operations and movable modal dialog boxes
Backspace key. See Delete key
Balloon Help [1] [2]
balloons. See help balloons
bit depths of monitors
bitmap-based graphics
bitmapped fonts
black-and-white design, and color [1]
black-and-white icons, designing
blue in color design
    for active scrolling lists
    for icons
button names
    . See also radio buttons
    balloons for
    behavior of [1]
    capitalization of names of
    Dialog Manager and
    feedback and
    in caution alert boxes
    in modal dialog boxes [1]
    in modeless dialog boxes
    in movable modal dialog boxes
    in note alert boxes
    in stop alert boxes
    labels for
    names of [1] [2]
    placement of in alert boxes
    size of
    standard height of
calendars, variations in worldwide
Cancel button [1]
Cancel Publisher button
Cancel Subscriber button
capitalization of interface elements
Caps Lock key
caution alert boxes
cdev, correct terminology for
character keys [1]
characters in menus [1]
    balloons for
    balloons for groups of
    choices in
    labels for [1] [2]
    use of terminology with
    versus pop-up menus [1]
checkmarks in menus [1]
Chicago Manual of Style
Chooser extension icons
Chooser extension, as correct term
choosing menu items [1]
Clear command (Edit menu)
Clear key
    and selecting
    Command-clicking [1]
    components of
    correct terminology for
    Shift-clicking [1]
    use of
Clipboard [1]
close boxes [1] [2]
Close command (File menu) [1]
    alert boxes
    modal dialog boxes
    modeless dialog boxes
    movable modal dialog boxes
    windows [1] [2]
collaborative computing [1]
colons in dialog boxes [1]
color [1]
    and black-and-white design [1]
    and progressive disclosure
    and small objects
    and standard interface elements [1]
    choices of for windows
    degradation of across monitors
    for categorizing information
    in alert boxes
    in icon design [1]
    in modeless dialog boxes
    in movable modal dialog boxes
    number of in designs
    pattern substitutions for keyboard icons
Color control panel
color icons [1]
    labeling mechanism for [1]
    selection mechanism for [1]
color palettes [1]
color tables
color-deficient vision
column selection in arrays
Command key
    . See also keyboards
    and arrow key combinations [1] [2]
    combinations [1] [2] [3]
    labels on
Command key equivalents. See keyboard equivalents
command-line interfaces, and pointers
commands, menu
    About (Apple menu)
    Clear (Edit menu)
    Close (File menu) [1]
    Copy (Edit menu) [1]
    Create Publisher (Edit menu) [1]
    Cut (Edit menu)
    Find (File menu)
    for Edition Manager [1]
    Get Info (File menu)
    New (File menu) [1]
    Open (File menu) [1]
    Page Setup (File menu) [1]
    Paste (Edit menu) [1]
    Print (File menu) [1]
    Publisher/Subscriber Options (Edit menu) [1]
    Quit (File menu) [1] [2]
    Reduce to Fit
    Revert (File menu)
    Save (File menu) [1]
    Save As (File menu) [1]
    Select All (Edit menu)
    Show Clipboard/Hide Clipboard (Edit menu)
    Subscribe To (Edit menu)
    Undo/Redo (Edit menu) [1]
CommandăLeft Arrow [1] [2] [3]
Commandămodifier keyăSpace bar [1]
CommandăOptionăSpace bar [1] [2]
CommandăRight Arrow [1] [2] [3]
CommandăSpace bar [1]
communications with other users
complexity of interface design [1]
conceptual space on multiple monitors [1]
concurrent help systems
    as design principle [1]
    in use of icon elements
    within icon families
context as a clarifying tool
context clues for communication
context-sensitive help
control definition functions
Control key
control panels
    providing icons for
    alignment of
    buttons [1]
    checkboxes [1]
    help balloons for
    in document windows
    in scroll region [1] [2]
    little arrows [1]
    not supported by the Macintosh Toolbox [1]
    outline triangle [1]
    radio buttons [1]
    scrolling lists [1]
    sliders [1]
    standard toolbox [1]
    text-entry fields [1]
Copy command (Edit menu) [1]
Create Publisher command (Edit menu) [1]
crosshairs pointer
cultural values
custom icons [1]
    for applications [1]
    for control panels [1]
    for documents
    for editions
    for extensions
    for keyboards [1]
    for preferences
    for query documents
    for stationery pads [1]
Cut command (Edit menu)
DA, correct terminology for
dashes in menus [1]
data encryption
data loss and alert boxes
database extension, as correct term
ddev, correct terminology for
deaf people. See hearing disabilities
default color tables
default icons [1]
    for applications
    for documents
    for editions
    for extensions
    for keyboards
    for query documents
    for stationery pads
Del (Forward Delete) key
Delete (Backspace) key
    using the Cut command
design principles [1]
desk accessory, as correct term
desktop metaphor
desktop pattern and icons
diacritical marks
dialog box messages, how to write [1]
dialog boxes [1]
    . See also alert boxes
    alignment of elements in [1]
    and ellipsis character in menus [1]
    and pop-up menus [1] [2]
    as windows
    color design for
    default display positions in [1]
    dismissing with the Return key
    for font size
    keyboard input in [1]
    messages in [1]
    messages in  [1]
    modal [1]
    movable modal [1]
    position in window display order
    preferences and
    Print [1]
    providing feedback in
    Publisher Options [1]
    Save As [1]
    standard file [1] [2]
    Subscriber Options [1]
    type selection in [1]
Dialog Manager [1] [2]
diamond mark in Application menu [1]
dimmed items in menus [1]
direct manipulation [1] [2]
directory dialog box, as correct term
disabilities [1]
    . See alsouniversal access
    seizure disorder
    speech and language
discontinuous selections
dividers in menus [1]
document icons [1]
document names in dialog box messages
document windows. See windows
    avoiding jargon in
    learning paths in
    . See also windows
    and outline triangles
    and windows
    names of and window titles [1]
    opening [1]
Done button
dots in menus. See ellipsis character
double-clicking [1]
dragging [1] [2]
duplicating data [1]
Edit menu [1] [2]
    adding commands to
    and modal dialog boxes
    and movable modal dialog boxes [1] [2]
    Clear command in
    Clipboard and [1]
    Copy command in [1]
    Create Publisher command in [1]
    Cut command in
    Edition Manager commands in [1] [2]
    Paste command in [1]
    Publisher/Subscriber Options command in [1]
    Select All command in
    Show Clipboard/Hide Clipboard command in
    Subscribe To command in
    Undo/Redo command in [1]
    in fields [1]
    shared information
    text [1]
edition icons
Edition Manager commands [1] [2]
electronic documentation help systems [1]
ellipsis character
    and modeless dialog boxes
    as subpalette indicator
    in menus [1]
empty documents and the insertion point
End key
Enter key [1] [2]
entering data
    with the Enter key
    with the Return key
error checking in modeless dialog boxes
error messages, how to write [1]
Escape (Esc) key
extension icons
F (function) keys [1] [2]
feature cascade
    and asynchronous operations
    and changes in modeless dialog boxes
    and selecting
    and the Escape key
    and windows
    during long operations
    in menus [1]
feedback and dialog, as design principle [1]
fields in arrays [1] [2]
fields, text entry [1]
File menu [1] [2] [3]
    Close command in [1]
    Find command in
    Get Info command in
    New command in [1]
    Open command in [1]
    Page Setup command in [1]
    Print command in [1]
    Quit command in [1] [2]
    Revert command in
    Save As command in [1]
    Save command in [1]
file types, user terms for
file, use of term [1]
Find command (File menu)
Finder icon families [1]
Finder icon family editor
FKEY, correct terminology for
flags for keyboard icons [1]
flashing the menu bar
    and modeless dialog boxes
    and movable modal dialog boxes
    and using modal dialog box for temporal status
flicker frequencies
floating windows on desktop
font icons
Font menu [1]
font size dialog box
    in pop-up menus [1]
    worldwide compatibility and [1]
forgiveness, as design principle [1]
Forward Delete (Del) key
function key, as correct term
function keys [1] [2]
fuzzy appearance of icons
Get Editions radio button
Get Info command (File menu)
glyphs [1]
grammar and localization
graphic language
    and cultural values
    selecting [1]
gray area of scroll bar [1] [2]
gray background and color
grouping items in menus [1]
hand element in application icons
handicaps. See universal access
    icons to represent
    indicator lights on
    latches on
hearing disabilities
help balloons [1]
    for buttons
    for checkboxes
    for controls
    for groups of checkboxes [1]
    for groups of radio buttons [1]
    for icons
    for menu items
    for menu titles
    for modal dialog boxes
    for pop-up menus
    for radio buttons [1]
    for states of menus
    for text entry boxes [1]
    for tools in palettes
    for window parts
    how to write [1]
    length of messages in [1] [2]
    when to use [1]
Help key
Help menu [1]
help systems, online [1]
Hide Clipboard/Show Clipboard command [1] [2]
hierarchical menus [1]
hierarchical pop-up menus, avoiding
highlighting, color design for [1]
Home key
hot spot
hot zone
human interface design principles. See principles of human interface design
human interface design process
    and 80 percent solution
    and feature cascade
    and features inspired by market pressures
humor and icons
I-beam pointer
icon families [1]
icon masks
icon suites
icons [1]
    . See also icon families
    4-bit color
    8-bit color
    against the desktop pattern
    and humor
    anti-aliasing in [1]
    balloons for
    color degradation of
    consistent use of elements in
    conventions for types of documents and [1]
    design process for [1]
    for control panels [1]
    for edition files
    for extensions
    for movable resources
    for page layout documents
    for PICT files
    for preferences files
    for query documents
    for representing actions
    in Application menu [1]
    in Keyboard menu [1] [2] [3]
    keyboard [1] [2] [3]
    label text for [1]
    large (32-by-32 pixel)
    limitations of [1]
    masks for
    outlines of [1]
    selection mechanism for
    sizes of [1]
    small (16-by-16 pixel)
    stationery pad
    suites of
    three-dimensional effects in
    to represent hardware devices
    use of metaphors in
    versus verbal representations in
inactive scroll bars
inactive windows, moving
    for subpalettes [1]
    in hierarchical menus
    in pop-up menus
    in scrolling menus
informal user observations [1]
INIT, correct terminology for
input devices and accessibility
input methods, for double-byte scripts
inserting copied information
inserting text
insertion point
    and clicking
    and command-line interfaces
    moving [1]
intelligent cut and paste [1]
interface elements, standard
    and color design [1]
    avoiding new behaviors for [1]
international keyboards
International Standards Organization
keyboard equivalents [1]
keyboard icons [1] [2] [3]
    modification indicators in [1]
    pattern substitution for color in
keyboard input in dialog boxes [1]
keyboard layouts [1] [2]
Keyboard menu [1] [2]
keyboard resources [1]
keyboards [1] [2]
    arrow [1]
    Caps Lock
    character [1]
    Delete (Backspace)
    Escape (Esc)
    Forward Delete (Del)
    function [1]
    modifier [1]
    Option [1] [2]
    Page Down
    Page Up
    Return [1] [2]
    Shift [1] [2]
    Tab [1] [2]
knowledge of your audience [1]
    . See also names
    and pop-up menus
    color for in icons [1]
    color labeling for icons
    for checkboxes [1]
    for icons [1]
    for interface elements [1]
    for little arrows
    on keyboards
language disabilities
language in the interface [1]
large (32-by-32 pixel) icons [1]
learning paths for users
light source on Macintosh screen [1] [2]
lights on hardware
little arrows [1]
localization [1] [2]
    of documentation
    of icons
    text operations and [1]
    translating text and [1]
    using resources to facilitate
look and feel of interface elements
Macintosh script management system
Macintosh Toolbox, controls not supported by [1]
market pressures, features inspired by
masks, icon
maximum window size
menu bar
    flashing as notification
menu bar access
    Dialog Manager and [1]
    from modal dialog boxes [1]
    from movable modal dialog boxes [1]
menu bars [1]
    and modal dialog boxes
    and standard menus
    size of [1]
    use of space in [1]
    width of
menu commands. See commands, menu
menu elements [1]
menu items
    . See also commands, menu
    balloons for
    hierarchical [1]
    labels for
    names of [1]
    toggled [1] [2]
    unavailable [1]
menu titles
    balloons for
menus [1] [2]
    Apple [1]
    attribute groups in [1]
    behavior of [1]
    checkmarks in [1]
    color design for
    dashes in [1]
    dividers in [1]
    Edit [1]
    ellipsis character in [1]
    feedback about actions in [1]
    File [1]
    Font [1]
    fonts used in
    grouping items in [1]
    Help [1]
    hierarchical [1]
    highlighting titles of
    Keyboard [1] [2]
    nonstandard elements in
    pop-up [1]
    scrolling [1]
    Size [1]
    standard characters in [1]
    standard Macintosh [1]
    standard pop-up [1]
    Style [1] [2]
    tear-off [1]
    text styles in [1]
    titles of [1]
    type-in pop-up [1]
    in dialog boxes [1] [2]
    in help balloons [1] [2]
    consistency of
    use of as design principle [1]
    use of for icons
minimum window size
modal dialog boxes [1] [2] [3] [4]
    and balloons when on the screen
    appearance of
    behaviors of [1]
    buttons in
    compared with other dialog boxes
    Edit menu access to
    immobility of
    menu bar access
    menu bar access to [1]
    stacking [1]
    when to use [1]
ModalDialog procedure
modeless dialog boxes [1] [2]
    appearance of [1]
    behaviors of [1]
    changing attributes with [1]
    closing [1]
    color in
    compared to other dialog boxes
    comparing information in
    completing actions in
    dynamic nature of
    error checking in [1]
    feedback and changes to
    intermediate security states of
    presetting values in
    titles of
    when to use
modelessness, as design principle [1]
modification indicators for keyboard icons
modifier keys [1]
    and icon display
    and window size
      alert box positions in
      and work space
      and zooming
      dialog box positions in
      window positions in [1]
Monitors control panel
mouse actions [1] [2]
    double-clicking [1]
Mouse control panel
mouse devices
movable modal dialog boxes [1] [2]
    and background operations
    appearance of
    behaviors of
    color in [1] [2]
    display order of on desktop
    flexibility and
    menu bar access to [1]
    when to use
movable resource icons
moving the pointer
moving windows [1]
MultiFinder icon, correct terminology for
multimedia effects in help systems
multiple modifier-key combinations
mutually exclusive attribute groups
    . See also labels
    of buttons [1]
    of documents and window titles [1]
    of interface elements [1]
    of menu items [1]
    of modeless dialog boxes
network extension, as correct term
New command (File menu) [1]
non-Roman script systems
nonexclusive attribute groups [1]
nonstandard marks in menus
note alert boxes
notification techniques [1]
nouns as icons
numbers in window titles
object-based graphics
    and clicking [1]
    hot zone of
    moving by dragging [1]
    selecting [1]
OK button
online help systems [1]
Open command (File menu) [1]
    documents [1]
    pop-up menus
    windows [1]
Option key [1] [2]
Option-dragging to copy objects
outline triangle [1]
Page Down key [1] [2]
page indicator in window frame
page layout document icons
Page Setup command (File menu) [1] [2]
Page Up key [1] [2]
palettes [1] [2]
    and subpalettes
    and tracking feedback
    balloons for
    in window frames [1]
    tool [1]
panes of windows [1]
Paste command (Edit menu) [1]
pattern substitutions for keyboard icons
perceived stability, as design principle
physically impaired individuals
PICT file icons
plus sign pointer
pointers [1] [2] [3]
    and tools
    changing shape of
    color design for
    types of
pointing devices [1]
pop-up menus [1]
    and keyboard equivalents
    behavior of [1] [2]
    fonts in [1]
    standard [1]
    type-in [1]
    versus checkboxes [1]
    versus radio buttons [1]
    width of
preferences icons
preferences, implementing [1]
pressing the mouse button
principles of human interface design [1]
    accessibility [1]
    aesthetic integrity [1]
    consistency [1]
    direct manipulation [1]
    feedback and dialog [1]
    forgiveness [1]
    knowledge of your audience [1]
    modelessness [1]
    perceived stability
    see-and-point [1]
    use of metaphors [1]
    user control [1]
Print command (File menu) [1]
privacy and collaborative computing [1]
privileges for access, symbols for
product development process [1]
product names in icons
programming terms
progressive disclosure [1] [2] [3]
protecting data [1]
Publisher Options dialog box [1]
Publisher/Subscriber Options command (Edit menu) [1]
punctuation in window titles
push buttons. See buttons
query document icons
Quit command (File menu) [1] [2]
QWERTY transliteration of keyboard layouts
racing stripes in title bar
radio buttons [1]
    . See also buttons
    balloons for [1]
    balloons for groups of [1]
    labels for
    versus pop-up menus [1]
range selection [1] [2]
RDEV, correct terminology for
read-only access
Redo/Undo command (Edit menu) [1]
Reduce to Fit command
references for usage and style [1]
remote resources
repeating characters automatically
replacing a selection
ResEdit utility
reserved keyboard equivalents [1]
Return key [1] [2]
reversible actions
Revert command (File menu)
Roman script system
Save a Copy command, avoiding
Save As command (File menu) [1]
save changes alert box [1] [2]
Save command (File menu) [1]
screens. See monitors
script management system
Script Manager
script systems
    and worldwide compatibility
    icons for [1] [2]
    keyboard handling of [1] [2]
    Roman and non-Roman
scroll arrows [1] [2]
scroll bars [1] [2]
    and arrow keys
    and other controls in same region [1]
    in split windows [1]
    versus sliders [1]
scroll boxes [1] [2]
scrolling lists [1] [2]
scrolling menus [1]
scrolling windows [1] [2]
    automatically [1]
    by position [1]
    by unit
    by windowful [1]
    panes of [1]
security of information [1]
security states and modeless dialog boxes
see-and-point, as design principle [1]
seizure disorders
Select All command (Edit menu)
selecting [1]
    and scrolling [1]
    by clicking
    by Command-clicking [1]
    by double-clicking [1]
    by dragging
    by Shift-clicking [1]
    color design for
    fields in an array [1]
    graphics [1]
    in arrays and tables [1]
    ranges [1]
    with the arrow keys [1]
    with the mouse
selection mechanism
    for color icons [1]
    for icons
    extending with Shift key
semantic modifiers
shared computing environment [1]
shared resources
sharing information [1]
Shift key
Shift-clicking [1]
    . See also keyboard equivalents
    documenting in help systems
    double-clicking [1]
Show Clipboard/Hide Clipboard command
    in Edit menu
    of menu bars [1]
    of pop-up menus
size boxes [1] [2]
Size menu [1]
sizes of icons [1]
sliders [1]
small (16-by-16 pixel) icons [1] [2]
small objects and color
Sound control panel
sound icons
sound, as notification
Speaker Volume control
speech synthesizers, for people with a speech disability
split bars [1]
split lines [1]
splitting windows [1]
stack icons
stacking modal dialog boxes [1]
stacks, HyperCard
standard characters in menus [1]
standard file dialog boxes [1] [2]
standard file dialog boxes, correct terminology for
standard interface elements
    and color design [1]
    avoiding new behaviors for [1]
standard Macintosh menus [1]
standard save changes alert box [1] [2]
standard state of a window [1]
standard toolbox controls [1]
stationery documents, icons for
status bar in window frame [1]
stepped interfaces
stop alert boxes
Stop button [1]
Style menu
    guidelines for [1]
    text styles in [1]
style of language
submenus [1]
subpalettes, indicators for [1]
Subscribe To command (Edit menu)
Subscriber Options dialog box [1]
Subscriber/Publisher Options command (Edit menu) [1]
suites of icons
    in icons [1]
    in menus [1]
synchronization of keyboards and fonts
system beep
system extension, as correct term
system font, in menus
Tab key [1] [2] [3]
tables [1] [2]
target audience [1]
    . See also users
task analysis, for defining your audience
task-oriented documentation
tear-off menus [1]
temporal status and modal dialog boxes
terminology in the interface [1]
    and arrow keys [1]
    and the insertion point
    as a type of object [1]
    editing [1]
    handling of, and worldwide issues
    in dialog boxes [1]
    putting in resources
    selecting [1]
    selections, extending
    selections, extending with Shift key
    sizes of
    translating [1]
text entry fields
    and Save As dialog boxes
    editing [1]
    providing text-editing capabilities in
text in icons
text styles [1] [2]
think-aloud protocols
three-dimensional effects in icons
tilted document page in application icons
title bars [1] [2]
    . See also labels
    of menus [1]
    of modeless dialog boxes
    of windows [1]
toggled menu items [1] [2]
tools, balloons for in palettes
translating text [1]
transparency of networks
    in hierarchical menus
    in pop-up menus
    in scrolling menus
TrueType fonts [1]
    . See also fonts
two-dimensional designs
type selection in scrolling lists [1]
type-ahead [1]
type-in pop-up menus [1]
Undo/Redo command (Edit menu) [1]
universal access [1] [2]
untitled documents [1]
untitled windows [1]
uppercase characters and the Shift key
usability testing [1] [2]
user choices in pop-up menus [1]
user control, as design principle [1]
user input, restricting with modal dialog boxes
user observations, steps for conducting [1]
user state of a window [1]
    . See also audience
    anticipating their questions in help systems [1]
    documentation for [1]
    identifying in collaborative computing
    meeting expectations of
    with a disability [1]
utility windows [1] [2] [3]
    display order of on desktop
    terminology for
views of documents. See windows
visual disabilities
visual feedback and collaborative computing
width of menu bar
windoid, correct terminology for
window boundaries
window definition functions [1] [2]
window frames
window panes [1]
windows [1]
    . See also window panes
    and dialog boxes
    and documents
    and feedback
    and icon design
    and pop-up menus
    appearance of [1]
    behavior of [1]
    changing the size of [1]
    closing [1] [2]
    color design for
    color in [1]
    controls in
    display order of on desktop [1]
    help balloons for
    location of when opening [1]
    moving [1]
    opening [1]
    parts of
    position of palettes in [1]
    positions of [1]
    scrolling [1]
    size, changing [1]
    sizes of, recommended
    splitting into panes [1]
    standard and user states [1]
    titles of [1]
    types of
    utility [1]
    zoom box effect [1]
word definitions
word order and localization
word wrap
words in the interface [1]
Words Into Type
words versus symbols
workflow and modeless dialog boxes
worldwide compatibility [1] [2]
worldwide software and accessibility
wristwatch pointer
WYSIWYG, as design principle
zoom boxes [1] [2]

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