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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /
Chapter 4 - Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities / Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities Reference


The Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities provide routines you can use to read and write current date-time information, convert between internal date and time formats (for example, you can access date-time information as a number of seconds elapsed since midnight, January 1, 1904 or as a date and time), manipulate date-time information, read and write location information, and determine the current measurement system.

Some of the routines provided by the Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities were previously associated with the Script Manager or the International Utilities Package. In addition, some routines have been renamed to reflect their functions more clearly. You can access the renamed routines using more than one spelling of the routine's name, depending on the interface files supported by your development environment. For example, the IsMetric function is also available as the IUMetric function. Table 4-4 provides a summary of these changes.
Table 4-4 Renamed and relocated routines
Current namePrevious nameFormer location
IsMetricIUMetricInternational Utilities Package
LongDateToSecondsLongDate2SecsScript Manager
LongSecondsToDateLongSecs2DateScript Manager
ReadLocationReadLocationScript Manager
ToggleDateToggleDateScript Manager
ValidDateValidDateScript Manager
WriteLocationWriteLocationScript Manager

Getting the Current Date and Time
Setting the Current Date and Time
Converting Between Date-Time Formats
Converting Between Long Date-Time Format
Modifying and Verifying Long Date-Time Records
Reading and Writing Location Data
Determining the Measurement System
Measuring Time

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