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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /
Chapter 4 - Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities / Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities Reference

Modifying and Verifying Long Date-Time Records

You can modify and verify the values in a long date-time record by using the ToggleDate function and the ValidDate function, respectively.

The ToggleDate function accepts a pointer to a toggle parameter block as a parameter. Information about the fields in the toggle parameter block appears in the following format:

-->input1LongIntInput parameter comment.
<--output1LongIntOutput parameter comment.

The arrow on the far left indicates whether the field is an input or output parameter. You must supply values for all input parameters. The routine returns values in the output parameters. The next column shows the field name as defined in the MPW interface files, followed by the data type of that field. This matches the MPW interface name of the data type as shown in the parameter block. The fourth column contains a comment about or brief definition of the field.


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