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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /
Chapter 5 - Control Panel Extensions / Control Panel Extensions Reference
Control Panel Extension-Defined Routines

Managing Panel Settings

A control panel extension should respond to the kPanelValidateInputSelect, kPanelGetSettingsSelect, and kPanelSetSettingsSelect request codes. You typically define subroutines that the main program of your control panel extension calls (using the routine CallComponentFunctionWithStorage) to handle these requests. You can choose any name for these subroutines, but by convention they're called MyPanelValidateInput, MyPanelGetSettings, and MyPanelSetSettings. These routines should manage item settings in a panel.

Current versions of the Sound and Video control panels do not send the kPanelValidateInputSelect, kPanelGetSettingsSelect, or kPanelSetSettingsSelect request code.


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