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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /
Chapter 7 - Parameter RAM Utilities

Summary of the Parameter RAM Utilities

Pascal Summary

Data Types

TYPE SysParmType = 
      valid:      Byte;    {validity status}
      aTalkA:     Byte;    {node ID hint for modem port}
      aTalkB:     Byte;    {node ID hint for printer port}
      config:     Byte;    {use types for serial ports}
      portA:      Integer; {modem port configuration}
      portB:      Integer; {printer port configuration}
      alarm:      LongInt; {alarm setting}
      font:       Integer; {application font number minus 1}
      kbdPrint:   Integer; {printer connection, auto-key settings}
      volClik:    Integer; {caret blink, double click, speaker volume}
      misc:       Integer; {menu blink, startup disk, mouse scaling}
   SysPPtr        = ^SysParmType;


FUNCTION WriteParam: OSErr;

C Summary

Data Types

struct SysParmType {
      char     valid;         /*validity status*/
      char     aTalkA;        /*node ID hint for modem port*/
      char     aTalkB;        /*node ID hint for printer port*/
      char     config;        /*use types for serial ports*/
      short    portA;         /*modem port configuration*/
      short    portB;         /*printer port configuration*/
      long     alarm;         /*alarm setting*/
      short    font;          /*application font number minus 1*/
      short    kbdPrint;      /*printer connection, auto-key settings*/
      short    volClik;       /*caret blink, double click, speaker volume*/
      short    misc;          /*menu blink, startup disk, mouse scaling*/
typedef struct SysParmType SysParmType;
typedef SysParmType *SysPPtr;


pascal OSErr InitUtil      (void);
SysPPtr GetSysPPtr         (void);
pascal OSErr WriteParam    (void);

Assembly-Language Summary

Data Structures

SysParmType Data Structure
0valid1 bytevalidity status
1aTalkA1 bytenode ID hint for modem port
2aTalkB1 bytenode ID hint for printer port
3config1 byteuse types for serial ports
4portAwordmodem port configuration
6portBwordprinter port configuration
8alarmlongalarm setting
12fontwordapplication font number minus 1
14kbdPrintwordprinter connection, auto-key settings
16volClikwordcaret blink, double click, speaker volume
18miscwordmenu blink, system startup disk, mouse scaling

Global Variables
GetParamSystem parameter scratch
SPAlarmThe alarm setting
SPATalkAThe node ID hint for modem port
SPATalkBThe node ID hint for printer port
SPClikCaretThe double-click and caret-blink times
SPConfigThe use types for serial ports
SPFontThe application font number minus 1
SPKbdThe auto-key threshold and rate
SPMisc2The setting for mouse scaling, the system startup disk, and menu-blink time
SPPortAThe modem port configuration
SPPortBThe printer port configuration
SPPrintThe printer connection
SPValidThe validity status of parameter RAM
SPVolCtlThe speaker volume
SysParamThe low-memory copy of parameter RAM

Result Codes
noErr0No error
prWrErr-87Parameter RAM written did not verify
prInitErr-88Validity status is not $A8

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