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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /
Chapter 8 - Trap Manager / Trap Manager Reference
Routines / Accessing Addresses From the Trap Dispatch Tables


You an use the GetToolboxTrapAddress function to access the address of a Toolbox routine, which is located in the Toolbox trap dispatch table. The GetToolboxTrapAddress function is also available as the GetToolTrapAddress function.

FUNCTION GetToolboxTrapAddress (trapNum: Integer): LongInt;
Toolbox A-line instruction or a trap number. If you specify a Toolbox A-line instruction, the function extracts the trap number for you.
The GetToolboxTrapAddress function returns the address of the Toolbox routine specified by the trapNum parameter. If the desired Toolbox routine is not supported on the installed system software, the GetToolboxTrapAddress function returns the address of the Unimplemented procedure. The trapNum parameter should contain a trap number in bits 0-9. GetToolboxTrapAddress masks the irrelevant high-order bits. A GetToolboxTrapAddress(trapNum) function call performs the same operation as a NGetTrapAddress(trapNum, ToolTrap) function call.

For more information about the Unimplemented procedure, see page 8-29. The NGetTrapAddress function is described next. For an example of how to use the GetToolboxTrapAddress function, see Listing 8-1 on page 8-22.

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