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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /

Chapter 10 - Package Manager

This chapter describes the Package Manager, the part of the system software that loads packages into memory. The packages include one for presenting the standard user interface when a file is to be saved or opened and others for doing more specialized operations such as floating-point arithmetic.

Read the information in this chapter to get a complete list of all packages and to get a description of the Package Manager routines that load the packages into memory.

Ordinarily, you do not need to use the Package Manager routines described in this chapter. The Operating System itself is responsible for installing the packages when an application is launched. While your application probably won't ever need to use these routines, for the sake of completeness they are described in this chapter.

Chapter Contents
About the Package Manager
Using the Package Manager
Package Manager Reference
Initialization of Packages
Summary of the Package Manager
Pascal Summary
C Summary
Assembly-Language Summary
Trap Macros

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