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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities



'DSAT' resource type  [1]
'itl0' resource
    determining the measurement system
'PACK'  resource type
'thng' resource type
    for control panel extensions [1]


.MPP driver, determining version number


32-bit addressing
    testing for availability
32-bit quantities
    multiplying to obtain 64-bit quantities
64-bit integer record [1] [2]


A-line exception errors
A-line instructions
    for Operating System routines  [1]
    for Toolbox routines  [1]
    trap number
A-line instructions  [1]
    testing for version
A5 register
    saving when using Gestalt selector functions
address errors
Alarm Clock
    default alarm time
alert boxes
    avoiding use of by system extensions
alert definitions (System Error Handler) [1]
Alias Manager
    testing for features
AND (logical) operation on bits
angle-slope conversion utilities [1]
    accuracy of
AngleFromSlope function
AngleFromSlope function [1] [2]
Apple Desktop Bus
    testing for last keyboard used
Apple Event Manager
    and Package Manager
    testing for availability
AppleTalk drivers
    testing for version
AppleTalk node ID
    and parameter RAM
application creator string, as Gestalt selector code
auto-key rate
    and parameter RAM
auto-key threshold
    and parameter RAM
auto-pop bit  [1]


binary values
    converting to hexadecimal values
bit-numbering, reversed  [1]
BitAnd function [1] [2]
BitAnd function
BitClr function
BitClr procedure [1] [2]
BitNot function [1]
BitNot function
BitOr function
BitOr function [1] [2]
    manipulating [1]
    testing [1]
BitSet procedure [1] [2]
BitSet function
BitShift function
BitShift function [1]
BitTst function [1]
BitTst function
BitXor function
BitXor function [1] [2]
bomb box. See also system errors [1]
boot block header
    formats for
boot blocks [1]
bus errors
button definitions (System Error Handler) [1]
button-title definitions (System Error Handler) [1]
    created by System Error Handler
    hardcoding values into [1]


    Arabic CLC
caret-blink time
    and parameter RAM
check exception errors
CHK instructions
clock chip
    validity of settings
Color Picker
    and Edition Manager
come-from patches [1]
Communications Resource Manager
    testing for availability
Communications Toolbox
    testing for features
ComponentResource data type
    and control panel extensions
compression utilities [1]
Connection Manager
    testing for features
Continue button (system error alert)
control panel extension-defined routines
    MyPanelEvent function  [1]
    MyPanelGetDITL function  [1]
    MyPanelGetSettings function  [1]
    MyPanelGetTitle function  [1]
    MyPanelInstall function  [1]
    MyPanelItem function  [1]
    MyPanelRemove function  [1]
    MyPanelSetSettings function  [1]
    MyPanelValidateInput function  [1]
control panel extensions [1]
    creating a component for
    extension-defined routines [1]
    opening resource files of
control panels
    and control panel extensions [1]
CPUs, testing for type
crashes. See system errors
curSysEnvVers constant
CustomGetFile procedure
    testing for availability
CustomPutFile procedure
    testing for availability


daisy chains
Data Access Manager
    and Package Manager
    testing for availability
data compression [1] [2]
data decompression [1] [2]
    getting the current [1]
Date & Time control panel
date and time
    getting the current [1]
    updating [1]
    updating  [1]
Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities [1]
    data structures in  [1]
    routines in  [1]
date-time formats
    converting between [1]
date-time record [1]
DateToSeconds function
Date2Secs procedure. See DateToSeconds procedure
    calculating [1]
    converting from short to long formats [1]
DateTimeRec data type [1]
DateToSeconds procedure
    getting the current [1]
daylight saving time
decompression utilities [1]
default application font
    and parameter RAM
default operating system
    data structure for
    identifying [1] [2]
    routines for [1]
default operating system parameter block
default startup device
    data structure for
    routines for [1]
    timeout interval for
    types of [1] [2]
default startup device parameter block
default system errors
default timeout interval
    setting for startup drive
default video device
    data structure for
    routines for [1]
default video device parameter block
Deferred Task Manager
    and Queue Utilities
Dequeue function
Dequeue function  [1]
dialog boxes
    avoiding use of by system extensions
Dialog Manager
    testing for features
Disk Initialization Manager
    and Package Manager
disk-insertion required errors
division by zero
DIVS instructions
DIVU instructions
double-click time
    and parameter RAM
driver descriptor record
    use during system startup


Easy Access
    testing for features
Edition Manager
    and Package Manager
    testing for features
Enqueue procedure
Enqueue procedure  [1]
environment, getting information about. See Gestalt Manager
    system. See system errors 
Event Manager
    and Queue Utilities
exception errors
exception stack frames
extensions. See system extensions


F-line exception errors
File Manager
    and Queue Utilities
file map destroyed errors
file system, testing for features
File Transfer Manager
    testing for features
Finder not found errors
FindFolder function
    testing for availability
Fix2Frac function [1]
Fix2Frac function
Fix2Long function
Fix2Long function [1]
Fix2X function [1]
Fix2X function
FixATan2 function
FixATan2 function [1]
FixDiv function
FixDiv function [1]
Fixed data type. See also fixed-point data types
fixed-point data types [1]
    converting to other numeric types [1]
    division by 0
    overflow handling
    performing operations on [1]
FixMul function [1]
FixMul function
FixRatio function
FixRatio function [1]
FixRound function
FixRound function [1]
Floating-Point Arithmetic Package
    and Package Manager
floating-point errors
floating-point unit (FPU)
    testing for type
Font Manager
    testing for features
FPU. See floating-point unit
Frac2Fix function [1]
Frac2Fix function
Frac2X function
Frac2X function [1]
FracCos function [1]
FracCos function
FracDiv function
FracDiv function [1]
FracMul function [1]
FracMul function
FracSin function
FracSin function [1]
FracSqrt function
FracSqrt function [1]
Fract data type. See also fixed-point data types
    range of values
function results
    Operating System routines  [1]
    Toolbox routines  [1]


geographic location
geographic location  [1]
geographic location record [1]
Gestalt function
Gestalt function [1]
    adding selectors to [1]
    relation to SysEnvirons and Environs
    selector codes [1]
    testing for availability [1]
Gestalt Manager [1]
    constants [1]
    data structures in [1]
    response parameter of
    routines in [1]
    testing for availability [1]
    testing for version
Gestalt selector codes
    adding [1] [2]
    environmental [1]
    environmental versus informational
    informational [1] [2]
    modifying [1] [2]
    suffixes in
gestalt68040 constant
gestaltADBKbdII constant
gestaltAliasMgrSupportsRemoteAppleTalk constant
gestaltBuiltInSoundInput constant
gestaltHasSCSI constant
gestaltHasSoundInputDevice constant
gestaltIconUtilitiesPresent constant
gestaltPerforma600 constant
gestaltPowerBookDuo230 constant
gestaltPwrBookISOADBKbd constant
gestaltSoundIOMgrPresent constant
gestaltStereoMixing constant
GetDateTime function
GetDateTime procedure [1]
GetDefaultStartup procedure
GetDefaultStartup function
GetOSDefault function
GetOSDefault procedure
GetOSTrapAddress function [1]
GetOSTrapAddress function
GetSysPPtr function
GetSysPPtr function [1]
GetTime procedure [1]
GetTime function
GetTimeout function
GetTimeout procedure
GetToolboxTrapAddress function [1]
GetToolboxTrapAddress function
GetTrapAddress function
GetTrapAddress function [1]
GetVideoDefault function
GetVideoDefault procedure
global timing variables
global variables. See system global variables
GMT (Greenwich mean time)
Greenwich mean time (GMT)
Gregorian calendar


hardware environment, testing for features
head patches
Help Manager
    and Package Manager
    testing for availability
hexadecimal values
    converting to binary values
high-order bit
HiWord function
HiWord function [1]

I, J

I/O system errors
icon definitions (System Error Handler) [1]
Icon Utilities
    checking for availability
    default for system extensions [1] [2]
illegal instruction errors
InitAllPacks procedure  [1]
InitPack procedure  [1]
InitUtil function
Int64Bit data type
Int64Bit data type [1]
interrupt time
    calling Gestalt at
IsMetric function  [1]


    testing for type with Gestalt
    testing for type with SysEnvirons
kMachineNameStrID constant


latitude [1] [2]
least significant bit
List Manager
    and Package Manager
logical operations. See Mathematical and Logical Utilities
logical RAM, testing for size
long date-time formats
    converting between [1]
    long date-time record [1]
    LongDateCvt data type
    LongDateRec data type  [1]
long date-time record [1]
long date-time value
long words
    performing logical operations on [1]
    setting high word of [1]
    setting low word of [1]
Long2Fix function [1]
Long2Fix function
LongDate2Secs. See LongDateToSeconds procedure
LongDateToSeconds function
LongDateToSeconds procedure [1]
longitude [1] [2]
LongMul procedure
LongMul procedure  [1]
LongSecondsToDate function
LongSecondsToDate procedure [1]
LongSecs2Date. See LongSecondsToDate procedure
low-memory global variables
    testing for size
LoWord function
LoWord function [1]


machine icon, testing for
machine name
machine type, testing for [1] [2]
MachineLocation datatype
MacPaint images
Map control panel
Mathematical and Logical Utilities [1]
    calculating angle from slope [1]
    calculating slope from angle [1]
    clearing bits
    data structures in  [1]
    logical operations on bits [1]
    obtaining pseudorandom numbers [1]
    routines in  [1]
    setting bits
    shifting bits [1]
    working with Fixed numbers [1]
MC680x0 microprocessor, testing for type
measurement systems
    English system
    metric system
memory management unit (MMU)
    testing for type
menu blinking
    and parameter RAM
    setting in parameter RAM
menu purged errors
metric system
    measurement system
Microseconds procedure  [1]
miscellaneous exception errors
modem port
    communications settings of
most significant bit
mouse scaling
    and parameter RAM
MyPanelEvent function  [1]
MyPanelGetDITL function  [1]
MyPanelGetSettings function  [1]
MyPanelGetTitle function  [1]
MyPanelInstall function  [1]
MyPanelItem function  [1]
MyPanelRemove function  [1]
MyPanelSetSettings function  [1]
MyPanelValidateInput function  [1]
MyResumeProc procedure
MySelectorFunction function  [1]


negative zcbFree value errors
NewGestalt function [1] [2] [3]
NGetTrapAddress function
NGetTrapAddress function [1]
NOT (logical) operation on bits [1]
Notification Manager
    and Queue Utilities
    testing for availability
    use by system extensions
NSetTrapAddress function
NSetTrapAddress procedure [1]
NuBus slots
    testing for locations
numeric-format resource
    determining measurement system


Operating System
    testing for features
operating system
    default on startup. See default operating system 
Operating System parameter-passing conventions [1]
Operating System trap dispatch table [1]
    testing for base address
Operating System traps
operating-system queues [1]
    adding new elements to
    generic routines for manipulating [1]
    queue elements
    queue headers
    queue headers 
    removing elements from
OR (logical) operation on bits
out-of-memory errors
outline fonts
    testing for availability


Package Manager
    and Apple Event Manager
    and Color Picker
    and Data Access Manager
    and Disk Initialization Manager
    and Edition Manager
    and Floating-Point Arithmetic Package
    and Help Manager
    and List Manager
    and Picture Utilites
    and PPC Browser
    and Standard File Package
    and Text Utilities
    and Transcendental Functions Package
    routines in  [1]
Package Manager 
package resource IDs 
package resources 
packages  [1]
PackBits function
PackBits procedure [1] [2] [3]
pages (memory), testing for size
    and control panel extensions
parameter RAM
    changing settings in [1]
    information stored in [1]
    low-memory copy of
    restoring default values in
Parameter RAM Utilities [1]
    data structures in  [1]
    routines in  [1]
parameter-passing conventions
    Operating System routines [1]
    Toolbox routines  [1]
parity RAM, testing for size
parity-checking, testing for attributes
    come-from [1]
    daisy chain of
    tail [1]
patching a system software routine [1]
patching a system software routine  [1]
patching a trap.  See patching a system software routine
physical RAM, testing for size
Picture Utilities
    and Package Manager
pop-up control definition
    testing for availability
Power Manager
    testing for
PPC Browser
    and Package Manager
printer port
    communications settings of
privilege violation errors
Program-to-Program Communications (PPC) Toolbox
    testing for features
pseudorandom number generation [1]
    obtaining a pseudorandom number [1]


QElem data type
QElem data type
QHdr data type
QHdr data type [1]
QTypes data type
queue elements
    adding new [1] [2]
    removing from queues
queue headers
queue types
Queue Utilities [1]
    and Deferred Task Manager
    and Event Manager
    and File Manager
    and Notification Manager
    and Slot Manager
    and Time Manager
    and Vertical Retrace Manager
    data structures in 
    routines in  [1]
queues. See operating-system queues
    testing for features
    testing for version


    checking size of
Random function
Random function [1]
    distribution of output
    example of
random number generation. See pseudorandom number generation
randSeed global variable
ReadDateTime function
ReadDateTime function [1]
ReadLocation function
ReadLocation procedure [1]
register-based routines
ReplaceGestalt function [1] [2]
Resource Manager
    testing for features
resource types
    'DSAT'  [1]
    'thng' [1]
    compressing [1]
    decompressing [1]
    system heap zone
Restart button (system error alert)
Resume button (system error alert)
resume procedures [1]
reversed bit-numbering  [1]
RndSeed system global variable
    testing for size
    testing for version
routine selectors  [1]
RTE instructions
    erroneous execution of


sad Macintosh icon
Scrap Manager
    testing for features
Script Manager
    testing for version
script systems
    testing for number
scrolling throttle, testing for
SCSI (based on 53C80 chip)
    checking for availability
SecondsToDate function
SecondsToDate procedure [1]
Secs2Date procedure. See SecondsToDate procedure
segment loader errors
selector codes. See Gestalt selector codes
selectors. See Gestalt selector codes
SetDateTime function [1]
SetDateTime function
SetDefaultStartup function
SetDefaultStartup procedure
SetOSDefault procedure
SetOSDefault function
SetOSTrapAddress function
SetOSTrapAddress procedure [1]
SetTime procedure
SetTime function
SetTimeout function
SetTimeout procedure
SetToolboxTrapAddress procedure [1]
SetToolboxTrapAddress function
SetTrapAddress function
SetTrapAddress procedure [1]
SetVideoDefault function
SetVideoDefault procedure
SHIFT operation on bits [1]
shifting bits [1]
signed values
SlopeFromAngle function
SlopeFromAngle function [1] [2]
Slot Manager
    and Queue Utilities
slot secondary init code
    when initialized
    testing for locations
Sound control panel
    and panels
sound hardware
    testing for features
sound panels
speaker volume
    and parameter RAM
special folders
    testing for availability
spurious interrupt errors
square menu bar, testing for
stack overflow errors
stack-based routines
    calling conventions [1]
Standard File Package
    and Package Manager
    testing for features
StandardGetFile procedure
    testing for
StandardNBP function
    testing for
StandardPutFile procedure
    testing for
Start Manager [1]
    data structures in [1]