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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /
Chapter 2 - System Error Handler / System Error Handler Reference
Application-Defined Routines /


When you call the Dialog Manager procedure InitDialogs, your application can pass a pointer to a resume procedure. If you don't want to install a resume procedure, pass NIL. A resume procedure has the following syntax:

If your application is the current process, your application's resume procedure is called when the user responds to a system error alert box by clicking the Continue button. No parameters are passed to a resume procedure.

In System 7, the System Error Handler intercepts many system errors and stops execution of the process, causing an error rather than calling the application's resume procedure.

In general, you should not write code to allow your application to continue to execute normally after a system error has occurred. An application that attempts to resume execution after a system error is likely to encounter the same problem again and might even encounter more serious problems. In early versions of system software, such an attempt constituted a harmless last-ditch effort by an application to salvage itself. In current versions of system software, such an attempt may cause a fatal system error--that is, a system error that crashes the entire system--even if the initial system error was nonfatal.

For more information about resume procedures, see the section "Resume Procedures" on page 2-11.

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