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Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities /
Chapter 3 - Mathematical and Logical Utilities / Mathematical and Logical Utilities Reference
Routines / Performing Logical Operations


You can use the BitXor function to perform the XOR logical operation on two long words.

FUNCTION BitXor (value1, value2: LongInt): LongInt;
A long word.
A long word.
The BitXor function returns a long word that is the result of performing the XOR operation on the long words specified by the value1 and value2 parameters. Each bit in the returned value is set if and only if the corresponding bit is set in either value1 or value2, but not in both value1 and value2.

For an illustration of the result of performing an operation using the BitXor function, see Figure 3-9 on page 3-16.

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