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Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials



'****' file type
'????' file type
'actb' resource type
'actb' resource type [1]
'alis' resource type
'ALRT' resource type. See alert resources
'appe' file type
'APPL' file type
'BNDL' resource type
'BNDL' resource type [1] [2]
'cctb' resource type
'cctb' resource type [1]
'CDEF' resource type [1] [2]
'cicn' resource type
'cicn' resource type [1]
    specifying a menu item's [1] [2]
'CNTL' resource type
    Rez input format for [1]
    Rez output format for [1]
'dctb'  resource type
'dctb' resource type
'dctb' resource type
'disk' file type
'DITL' resource type. See item list resources
'DLOG' resource type. See dialog resources
'drop' alias type
'DRVR' resource type
'DRVR' resource type
'faam' alias type
'fact' alias type
'fadr' alias type
'faet' alias type
'faex' alias type
'famn' alias type
'fapf' alias type
'fapn' alias type
'fash' alias type
'fast' alias type
'fasy' alias type
'fdrp' alias type
'ffil' file type
'FKEY' resource type [1] [2] [3]
'fld#' resource type
'fld#' resource type
'flpy' alias type
'fold' file type
'FOND' resource type
'FONT' resource type
'FREF' resource type
'FREF' resource type [1] [2]
'hdsk' alias type
'hmmu' resource type [1] [2]
'icl4' resource type
    Rez output format for [1]
'icl8' resource type
    Rez output format for [1]
'ICN#' resource type
    creating [1]
    example of
    Rez output format for [1]
    specifying in a bundle resource
'ICON' resource type
'ICON' resource type [1]
    specifying a menu item's
'ics#' resource type
    creating [1] [2]
    Rez output format for [1]
'ics4' resource type
    Rez output format for [1]
'ics8' resource type
    Rez output format for [1]
'ictb' resource type [1]
'ifil' file type
'INIT' file type
'itlc' resource type [1] [2]
'itlk' resource type
'KCHR' resource type [1] [2]
'kfil' file type
'KMAP' resource type [1] [2]
'MBAR' resource type
'MBAR' resource type [1]
'MBDF' resource type
'mctb' resource type
'mctb' resource type [1] [2]
'MDEF' resource type
'MENU' resource type
'MENU' resource type [1]
'scri' file type
'sfil' file type
'SICN' resource type
    specifying a menu item's [1] [2]
'SIZE' resource type
'SIZE' resource type [1] [2]
    and null events
    creating [1]
    defined [1] [2]
    flags, defined [1]
    sample Rez input
    scheduling option flags
    setting flags for high-level events
    setting flags of
'srvr' alias type
'STR ' resource type [1] [2]
'STR#' resource type [1] [2]
'TEXT' file type
'trsh' alias type
'vers' resource type [1] [2]
'vers' resource type
'wctb' resource type
'wctb' resource type [1] [2]
'WDEF' resource type
'WIND' resource type
'WIND' resource type [1] [2]
16-by-16 pixel icons (small)
32-by-32 pixel icons (large)
4-bit color icons [1] [2]
8-bit color icons [1] [2]


A/UX and cancel events
A5 world
    and context switching
    size of
About command (Apple menu) [1] [2]
acceptAppDiedEvents flag
AcceptHighLevelEvent function [1] [2]
acceptSuspendResumeEvents flag
ACount global variable
action procedures
    changing [1]
    creating [1]
    for buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons [1]
    for pop-up menus [1]
    for scroll bars [1]
    specifying [1] [2]
activate events
    and windows
    deactivating windows for alert and dialog boxes
    handling [1] [2]
    in alert boxes
    in dialog boxes [1] [2]
active controls [1] [2]
active windows [1]
AddResMenu procedure. See AppendResMenu procedure
AEIMP (Apple Event Interprocess Messaging Protocol)
AEProcessAppleEvent function
AESend function
alert boxes
    accessing menus from [1]
    as windows [1]
    creating [1]
    default colors of, changing [1]
    dialog boxes, as distinguished from [1]
    displaying [1] [2]
    event filter function for [1] [2]
    events in [1] [2]
    items in. See items in alert and dialog boxes
    stages for [1] [2]
    types of [1]
    window types for
alert color table resources [1]
Alert function
Alert function [1]
alert resources
    Rez input format for [1]
    Rez output format for [1]
alert sounds
    and the system alert sound
    creating [1]
    defining [1] [2]
    stages for [1] [2]
    creating [1] [2]
    defining alert sounds for [1] [2]
    displaying [1]
    events in [1]
    stages for [1] [2]
    types of [1]
    using the system alert sound
alias files
alias records
alias types [1]
    resolving [1]
altDBoxProc window type
ANumber global variable
AppendDITL procedure [1]
AppendDITL function
AppendMenu function
AppendMenu procedure [1] [2]
AppendResMenu function
AppendResMenu procedure [1] [2] [3]
Apple Event Interprocess Messaging Protocol (AEIMP)
Apple events
    and the Finder [1]
    application sending to itself
    as high-level events [1]
    Open Documents event
    sending in response to menu commands
Apple menu [1]
    About command [1] [2]
    accessing from dialog boxes [1]
    adding items to [1]
    creating [1]
    handling [1]
Apple Menu Items folder
    adding items from, to Apple menu [1]
    alias type for
application heap
application icons
    . See also icon families
    creating [1]
Application menu [1]
    accessing from alert and dialog boxes [1]
    Hide Others command
application-defined items
    creating [1]
    specifying in alert or dialog boxes [1] [2]
application-missing message string resources [1] [2]
application-unavailable alert box messages [1]
    alias type for
    creating icons for [1]
    default icon for
    in Apple Menu Items folder
    launching from the Finder [1]
    signatures for [1]
    switching between
arrow cursor
arrows, in scroll bars. See scroll arrows
AtMenuBottom global variable
auto-key events
auto-key threshold rate
autoTrack constant
AuxCtlRec data type
AuxCtlRec data type [1]
auxiliary control records [1]
auxiliary window record [1] [2]
AuxWinRec data type
AuxWinRec data type [1]


background applications, and Extensions folder
background processes
Balloon Help online assistance, for icons [1]
    .See also help balloons
BeginUpdate procedure [1] [2] [3]
BeginUpdate function
BringToFront function
BringToFront procedure [1]
bundle bit
bundle resources [1] [2] [3]
Button function
Button function [1]
    active [1]
    control definition ID for
    creating, in windows [1]
    default [1] [2]
    defined [1]
    events in [1] [2]
    inactive [1]
    part code for
    specifying in alert or dialog boxes [1] [2]
    titles for [1]


calcCntlRgn constant
calcCRgns constant
CalcMenuSize procedure [1] [2]
CalcMenuSize function
calcThumbRgn constant
CalcVis function
CalcVis procedure [1]
CalcVisBehind function
CalcVisBehind procedure [1]
canBackground flag
cancel events
Can't Undo command (Edit menu) [1] [2]
Caps Lock key
caret, time between blinks of
catalog files
    Finder information in [1]
caution alerts
    creating with the CautionAlert function [1]
CautionAlert function
CautionAlert function [1]
character codes
    active [1]
    changing setting and display of [1]
    control definition ID for
    defined [1]
    events in [1]
    events in, in windows [1] [2]
    inactive [1]
    part code for
    specifying in alert or dialog boxes [1] [2]
CheckItem procedure [1] [2]
CheckItem function
CheckUpdate function
CheckUpdate function [1]
Clear command (Edit menu) [1] [2]
ClearMenuBar procedure [1]
ClearMenuBar function
ClipAbove function
ClipAbove procedure [1]
    converting data to and from [1]
    Hide Clipboard command (Edit menu)
    Show Clipboard command (Edit menu)
close box
Close command (File menu)
close region
CloseDialog procedure [1]
CloseDialog function
CloseWindow function
CloseWindow procedure [1] [2]
closing windows
    routines for [1]
Color control panel
color flag
color graphics ports
color icon resources [1] [2]
color icons [1] [2]
Color QuickDraw
    and color window records
    and the Window Manager port
    checking for
      when creating a window
      when zooming windows
    coordinate systems in [1]
    creating color windows [1]
color window records [1]
colorReserved flag
    in alert boxes and dialog boxes [1]
    in controls
    in menus [1] [2]
    in windows [1]
    Label menu commands for
ColorSpec data type [1] [2]
ColorSpec data type [1] [2]
Command key
Command-key equivalents. See keyboard equivalents 
Command-Shift-number key sequences [1] [2]
content region
    defined [1] [2]
    drawing [1]
    updating [1] [2]
context of a process
    switching [1]
control color table records [1]
control color table resources [1]
control color tables [1]
control definition functions
    custom [1]
    for pop-up menus [1] [2]
    standard [1]
control definition IDs
    for buttons
    for checkboxes
    for custom controls [1]
    for pop-up menus
    for radio buttons
    for scroll bars
    specifying [1] [2] [3]
Control key
control list
Control Manager
    and Dialog Manager [1] [2]
    and Event Manager
    and List Manager
    and Resource Manager
    and Window Manager
    application-defined routines for [1]
    data structures in [1]
    localization guidelines [1] [2]
    resources for [1]
      . See also  control resources; control color tables; control definition functions
    routines in [1]
    user interface guidelines [1] [2]
control panels
    installing and removing
Control Panels folder
    alias type for
control records [1]
control resources
    Rez input format for [1]
    Rez output format for [1]
ControlRecord data type
ControlRecord data type [1]
    action procedures for [1] [2] [3]
    active [1] [2]
    colors in [1] [2] [3]
    control definition IDs for [1] [2] [3]
    custom. See custom controls
    dragging [1] [2] [3]
    drawing [1] [2]
    events in [1] [2]
    highlight states [1] [2]
    in alert and dialog boxes [1] [2]
    in windows [1] [2] [3]
    inactive [1] [2] [3]
    indicators. See indicators, in controls
    invisible [1] [2] [3]
    mouse events in [1]
    moving [1] [2]
    part codes for [1]
    pop-up menus
    rectangles for [1] [2] [3] [4]
      .See also display rectangles
    reference values for
      changing [1]
      determining [1]
      specifying [1] [2]
    removing [1]
    resizing [1] [2]
    resources for. See control resources
    settings of
      changing [1] [2] [3]
      determining [1] [2]
      specifying initial [1] [2]
    standard [1] [2]
    text in [1] [2]
    titles of
      changing [1]
      determining [1]
      specifying [1] [2] [3] [4]
    types of [1]
      . See also buttons; checkboxes; custom controls; pop-up menus; radio buttons; scroll bars
    updating [1]
    visible [1] [2]
cooperative multitasking
coordinate systems [1]
Copy command (Edit menu) [1] [2]
CountDITL function [1]
CountDITL function
CountMItems function
CountMItems function [1] [2]
Create Publisher command (Edit menu)
    assigning [1]
    defined [1]
CtlCTab data type
CtlCTab data type [1]
current menu list
current process
    adjusting [1]
    setting the appearance of
custom alert boxes
    creating with the Alert function [1]
custom controls [1] [2]
customized icons [1]
Cut command (Edit menu) [1] [2]
CWindowPeek data type
CWindowPeek data type
CWindowPtr data type
CWindowPtr data type
CWindowRecord data type
CWindowRecord data type [1]


DABeeper global variable
DAStrings global variable
data forks
dBoxProc constant
dBoxProc window type [1] [2] [3]
default buttons [1] [2]
DeleteMCEntries procedure [1]
DeleteMCEntries function
DeleteMenu function
DeleteMenu procedure [1]
DeleteMenuItem function
DeleteMenuItem procedure [1]
DelMCEntries procedure. See DeleteMCEntries procedure
DelMenuItem procedure. See DeleteMenuItem procedure
desk accessories
    and System 7
    handling events in [1] [2] [3]
desk accessory resource. See 'DRVR' resource type
DeskHook global variable
DeskPattern global variable
desktop database [1] [2]
Desktop file
Desktop Folder
Desktop Manager
desktop objects
desktop pattern
dial controls [1]
dialog boxes
    accessing menus from [1] [2]
    alert boxes, as distinguished from [1]
    as windows [1]
    closing [1]
    creating [1] [2]
    default colors of, changing [1]
    displaying [1]
    disposing of [1] [2]
    event filter function for [1]
    events in [1] [2] [3] [4]
    examples of
    items in. See items in alert and dialog boxes
    types of [1]
    window types for [1]
dialog color table resources [1] [2]
Dialog Manager [1]
    and Control Manager [1] [2]
    and Menu Manager [1]
    and TextEdit [1]
    and Window Manager [1] [2]
    application-defined routines for [1]
    data structures in [1]
    initializing [1]
    localization guidelines [1] [2] [3]
    resources in [1]
      .See also alert color table resources; alert resources; dialog color table resources; dialog resources; item color table resources; item list resources
    routines in [1]
    user interface guidelines [1] [2]
dialog records [1]
dialog resources
    Rez input format for [1]
    Rez output format for [1]
DialogCopy function
DialogCopy procedure [1]
DialogCut procedure [1]
DialogCut function
DialogDelete function
DialogDelete procedure [1]
dialogKind constant
DialogPaste procedure [1]
DialogPaste function
DialogRecord data type
DialogRecord data type [1]
DialogSelect function
DialogSelect function [1] [2]
DIBadMount function
DInfo data type
DInfo data type [1]
directories, finding system-related [1]
directory information record [1]
disabled constant
disabled items [1]
DisableItem function
DisableItem procedure [1]
disk-inserted events
    and standard file dialog boxes
    and the ModalDialog procedure
    handling [1]
    in alert and dialog boxes
disks, opening [1]
dispCntl constant
display rectangles, for items in alert and dialog boxes [1]
DispMCInfo procedure. See DisposeMCInfo procedure
DisposDialog procedure. See DisposeDialog procedure
DisposeControl procedure [1]
DisposeControl function
DisposeDialog function
DisposeDialog procedure [1]
DisposeMCInfo procedure [1]
DisposeMCInfo function
DisposeMenu function
DisposeMenu procedure [1]
DisposeWindow function
DisposeWindow procedure [1]
DlgCopy procedure. See DialogCopy procedure
DlgCut procedure. See DialogCut procedure
DlgDelete procedure. See DialogDelete procedure
DlgFont global variable
DlgPaste procedure. See DialogPaste procedure
document windows
    saving position of
    window types for
documentProc window type
documents [1] [2]
    creating icons for [1]
    creators of [1]
    default icon for
    file types of [1]
    opening from the Finder [1]
    prohibiting users from opening from Finder
    window types for
doesActivateOnFGSwitch flag
double click, time between
drag region
dragCntl constant
DragControl procedure [1]
DragControl function
DragGrayRgn function
DragGrayRgn function [1]
DragHook global variable
DragWindow procedure [1] [2]
DragWindow function
Draw1Control function
Draw1Control procedure [1]
drawCntl constant
DrawControls procedure [1]
DrawControls function
DrawDialog function
DrawDialog procedure [1]
DrawGrowIcon procedure [1] [2]
DrawGrowIcon function
DrawMenuBar function
DrawMenuBar procedure [1] [2]
DrawNew function
DrawNew procedure [1]
drop folder, alias type for
DXInfo data type
DXInfo data type [1]


Edit menu [1]
    accessing from alert and dialog boxes [1]
    Can't Undo command
    Clear command [1] [2]
    Copy command [1] [2]
    Create Publisher command
    Cut command [1] [2]
    Hide Clipboard command
    Paste command [1] [2]
    Publisher Options command
    Select All command
    Show Clipboard command
    Subscribe To command
    Subscriber Options command
    Undo command [1] [2]
editable text items
    events in [1]
    getting text from [1] [2]
    highlighting default text in [1]
    setting text in [1] [2]
    specifying in dialog boxes [1] [2]
Edition Manager
    creating icons for
enabled constant
enabled items [1]
EnableItem procedure [1] [2]
EnableItem function
EndUpdate function
EndUpdate procedure [1] [2] [3] [4]
EraseRect procedure
EraseRect function
ErrorSound function
ErrorSound procedure [1]
event classes
event filter functions [1] [2]
event IDs
event loops [1]
Event Manager
    . See also Operating System Event Manager
    and Control Manager
    and MultiFinder
    and the PPC Toolbox [1] [2]
    and the Process Manager
    and the Scrap Manager
    application-defined routine for [1]
    data structures in [1]
    routines in 
    routines in  
    testing for features [1]
Event Manager  
event masks
    setting [1]
event messages
event queue
    . See also high-level event queue
    . See also Operating System event queue
    scanning for a cancel event
    structure of [1]
event records [1]
    and event loops
    for high-level events [1] [2]
event types
EventAvail function
EventAvail function [1] [2]
EventRecord data type
    activate [1] [2] [3]
    and modifier keys [1] [2]
    Apple. See Apple events
    auto-key [1] [2]
    Command-period [1]
    disk-inserted [1] [2]
    filter function for, in alert and dialog boxes [1] [2]
    first click in an inactive window
    getting information about [1]
    high-level. See high-level events
    in alert boxes [1] [2] [3]
    in buttons in windows [1]
    in checkboxes in windows [1]
    in controls [1] [2] [3]
    in desk accessories
    in dialog boxes [1] [2]
    in editable text items [1]
    in gray areas of scroll bars [1]
    in modal dialog boxes [1] [2]
    in modeless dialog boxes [1] [2] [3]
    in movable modal dialog boxes [1] [2]
    in pop-up menus [1]
    in pop-up menus in windows [1]
    in radio buttons in windows [1]
    in scroll arrows [1]
    in scroll bars
    in scroll boxes [1]
    in windows [1] [2]
    interacting with the user from the background
    key-up [1] [2]
    keyboard [1] [2]
    low-level [1]
    masking out
    mouse-down [1] [2]
    mouse-down in windows
    mouse-moved [1] [2] [3]
    mouse-up [1] [2]
    null [1] [2]
    operating-system [1] [2]
    priority of
    processing [1]
    received in the background
    receiving from other applications [1]
    resume [1] [2]
    sources of
    suspend [1] [2]
    switching contexts [1]
    types of
    update [1] [2] [3]
EvQEl data type
exported AppleShare folder, alias type for
extended directory information record [1]
extended file information record [1]
Extensions folder
    alias type for


file information record [1] [2]
File menu [1]
    Close command [1] [2]
    New command
    Open command
    Page Setup command
    Print command
    Quit command [1] [2]
    Save As command
    Save command
file reference resources [1] [2]
file types
    assigning [1]
    defining in file reference resources [1]
    for alias files [1]
    for movable resources [1]
    for stationery pads
    opening documents of particular
      from applications
      from the Finder [1]
    .See also applications; documents
    data fork of
    resource fork of
    user comments associated with
filter function
    .See also event filter functions
    for GetSpecificHighLevelEvent [1]
FindControl function [1] [2] [3]
FindControl function
FindDialogItem function
FindDialogItem function [1]
FindDItem function. See FindDialogItem function
    and Process Manager
    and Resource Manager
    application interface to [1]
    data structures used by [1]
    database for a volume [1]
    defined [1] [2]
    relation to File Manager
    resources used by [1]
      .See also application-missing message string resources; bundle resources; file reference resources; icon list resources
      .See also large 4-bit color icon resources; large 8-bit color icon resources; missing-application name string resources; signature resources
      .See also small 4-bit color icon resources; small 8-bit color icon resources; small icon list resources; version resources
    routines for [1]
    user interface guidelines [1] [2]
Finder flags [1]
Finder information, in the catalog file [1]
FindFolder function [1]
FindFolder function
FindWindow function
FindWindow function [1] [2] [3] [4]
    and activate events
    and mouse events [1] [2]
FInfo data type [1] [2]
FInfo data type
FlashMenuBar function
FlashMenuBar procedure [1]
floppy disks, alias type for
FlushEvents function
FlushEvents procedure [1]
folder resources
    alias type for
    finding system-related [1]
Font menu [1]
    adding fonts to [1]
font resources
    icon for
    installing and removing
    suitcases for
Fonts folder
foreground process
frames, window [1] [2]
FrontWindow function
FrontWindow function [1]
FSpGetFInfo function
FSpSetFInfo function
FXInfo data type
FXInfo data type [1]


gestaltDITLExtPresent constant
GetAlertStage function [1]
GetAlertStage function
GetAlrtStage function. See GetAlertStage function
GetAuxCtl function. See GetAuxiliaryControlRecord function
GetAuxiliaryControlRecord function
GetAuxiliaryControlRecord function [1]
GetAuxWin function [1]
GetAuxWin function
GetCaretTime function
GetCaretTime function [1]
GetControlAction function [1]
GetControlAction function
GetControlMaximum function
GetControlMaximum function [1] [2]
GetControlMinimum function [1]
GetControlMinimum function
GetControlReference function
GetControlReference function [1]
GetControlTitle procedure [1]
GetControlTitle function
GetControlValue function
GetControlValue function [1] [2] [3] [4]
GetControlVariant function
GetControlVariant function [1]
GetCRefCon function. See GetControlReference function
GetCTitle procedure. See GetControlTitle procedure
GetCtlAction function. See GetControlAction function
GetCtlMax function. See GetControlMaximum function
GetCtlMin function. See GetControlMinimum function
GetCtlValue function. See GetControlValue function
GetCVariant function. See GetControlVariant function
GetCWMgrPort procedure [1]
GetCWMgrPort function
GetDblTime function
GetDblTime function [1]
GetDialogItem procedure [1]
GetDialogItem function
GetDialogItemText function
GetDialogItemText procedure [1]
GetDItem procedure. See GetDialogItem procedure
GetEvQHdr function
GetEvQHdr function [1]
getFrontClicks flag
GetGray function
GetGrayRgn function [1]
GetGrayRgn function
GetItem procedure. See GetMenuItemText procedure
GetItemCmd function
GetItemCmd procedure [1]
GetItemIcon procedure [1]
GetItemIcon function
GetItemMark function
GetItemMark procedure [1]
GetItemStyle function
GetItemStyle procedure [1]
GetIText procedure. See GetDialogItemText procedure
GetKeys function
GetKeys procedure [1]
GetMBarHeight function
GetMBarHeight function [1]
GetMCEntry function
GetMCEntry function [1]
GetMCInfo function
GetMCInfo function [1] [2]
GetMenu function
GetMenu function [1] [2]
GetMenuBar function [1]
GetMenuBar function
GetMenuHandle function
GetMenuHandle function [1]
GetMenuItemText function
GetMenuItemText procedure [1] [2]
GetMHandle function. See GetMenuHandle function
GetMouse function
GetMouse procedure
GetNewControl function [1]
GetNewControl function
GetNewCWindow function
GetNewCWindow function [1] [2]
GetNewDialog function [1]
GetNewDialog function
GetNewMBar function
GetNewMBar function [1]
GetNewWindow function [1] [2]
GetNewWindow function
GetNextEvent function
GetNextEvent function [1] [2]
GetOSEvent function [1]
GetOSEvent function
GetPortNameFromProcessSerialNumber function
GetPortNameFromProcessSerialNumber function [1]
GetProcessInformation function
GetProcessSerialNumberFromPortName function [1] [2] [3]
GetProcessSerialNumberFromPortName function
GetSpecificHighLevelEvent function
GetSpecificHighLevelEvent function [1] [2]
GetWindowPic function [1]
GetWindowPic function
GetWMgrPort function
GetWMgrPort procedure [1]
GetWRefCon function
GetWRefCon function
GetWTitle function
GetWTitle procedure [1]
GetWVariant function
GetWVariant function
global coordinates
GlobalToLocal procedure
graphics ports [1]
gray areas, in scroll bars
    action procedures for [1]
    defined [1]
    events in [1]
    part codes for [1]
gray region
GrayRgn global variable [1] [2]
grow images, of windows
GrowWindow function
GrowWindow function [1]


hard disks, alias type for
hasBeenInited flag
hasBundle flag
hasCustomIcon flag [1] [2]
hasNoINITS flag
help balloon resources
help balloons
    for icons [1]
    for window frames
help items, specifying in alert or dialog boxes [1]
Help menu [1]
    accessing from alert and dialog boxes [1]
    adding items to [1]
    handling [1]
    Hide Balloons command
    Show Balloons command
Hide Balloons command (Help menu)
Hide Clipboard command (Edit menu)
Hide Others command (Application menu)
HideControl procedure [1]
HideControl function
HideDialogItem function
HideDialogItem procedure [1]
HideDItem procedure. See HideDialogItem procedure
HideWindow function
HideWindow procedure [1] [2]
hierarchical menus [1] [2]
high-level event message record [1] [2]
high-level event queue [1] [2]
high-level events [1] [2]
    . See also Apple events
    accepting [1] [2]
    and return receipts
    determining the sender of
    event classes
    event IDs
    handling [1]
    posting options
    receiving [1] [2]
    replying to
    searching for a specific event [1] [2]
    sending [1] [2]
    testing for availability
HiliteControl procedure [1] [2] [3]
HiliteControl function
HiliteMenu function
HiliteMenu procedure [1] [2]
HiliteWindow function
HiliteWindow procedure [1]
HMGetHelpMenuHandle function
HMGetHelpMenuHandle function [1] [2] [3]
hot spot
human interface guidelines
    . See user interface guidelines
human interface guidelines. See user interface guidelines


I-beam cursor
icon families [1]
icon list resources
    creating [1]
    example of
    Rez output format for [1]
    specifying in bundle resources
icon masks
icon resources ('ICON' resource type) [1]
    .See also icon families
    4-bit color
    8-bit color
    black and white
    color [1]
    creating [1]
    customizing [1]
    defaults used by Finder [1] [2]
    for applications [1]
    for documents [1]
    for editions
    for font resources [1]
    for keyboard layout resources [1]
    for menu items
    for query documents
    for script system resource collections [1]
    for sound resources [1]
    for stationery pads
    for TrueType font resources [1]
    in menus [1] [2]
    reduced [1]
    specifying in alert or dialog boxes [1] [2]
inactive controls [1] [2]
inactive windows [1]
    handling mouse-down events in
inContent constant
indicators, in controls
    dragging [1] [2] [3]
inDrag constant
Info box. See information windows
information windows
    using the stationery checkbox in
    using to customize icon
    version information in
inGoAway constant
inGrow constant
initCntl constant
InitDialogs procedure [1]
InitDialogs function
inMenuBar constant
InitMenus function
InitMenus procedure [1]
InitProcMenu procedure [1]
InitProcMenu function
InitWindows function
InitWindows procedure [1]
input methods
InsertMenu procedure [1] [2]
InsertMenu function
InsertMenuItem function
InsertMenuItem procedure [1] [2]
InsertResMenu function
InsertResMenu procedure [1] [2]
InsMenuItem procedure. See InsertMenuItem procedure
InvalMenuBar procedure [1]
InvalMenuBar function
InvalRect function
InvalRect procedure [1]
InvalRgn function
InvalRgn procedure [1]
inZoomIn constant
inZoomOut constant
IPCListPorts function
is32BitCompatible flag
isAlias flag
IsDialogEvent function
IsDialogEvent function [1] [2]
isHighLevelEventAware flag
isInvisible flag
isOnDesk flag
isShared flag [1] [2]
isStationery flag [1] [2]
isStationeryAware flag
item color table resources [1]
item list resources
    counting items in [1]
    Rez input format for
    Rez output format for [1]
    specifying for a dialog box
    specifying for an alert box
item numbers
items in alert and dialog boxes
    .See also application-defined items; buttons; checkboxes; controls; editable text items; icons; item list resources; pop-up menus; radio buttons; static text items; pictures
    adding [1] [2]
    copying editable text from [1]
    counting [1]
    creating [1]
    cutting editable text from [1]
    default colors of, changing [1]
    deleting editable text from [1]
    display rectangles for [1]
    drawing application-defined [1]
    enabled and disabled [1] [2]
    finding item numbers of [1]
    getting handles to [1]
    getting text strings from [1]
    hiding [1]
    highlighting default text in [1]
    item numbers for
    keyboard navigation [1]
    manipulating [1]
    pasting editable text into [1]
    pictures [1]
    redisplaying after hiding [1]
    removing [1]
    setting or changing [1]
    setting text strings in [1]
    substituting text in [1]
    types of [1]

J, K

key-down events
    handling keyboard equivalents [1]
    receiving [1]
key-up events [1] [2]
keyboard equivalents [1]
    commonly used
keyboard events
    handling [1]
    in alert boxes [1]
    in dialog boxes [1]
    in windows [1]
keyboard layout resource [1] [2] [3]
keyboard layout resources [1]
Keyboard menu [1]
    accessing from alert and dialog boxes [1]
    added by Menu Manager
keyboard resources
    'KCHR' [1]
    'KMAP' [1] [2]
    icon for
    Apple Extended Keyboard II, domestic
    Apple Extended Keyboard II, ISO
    Apple Keyboard II, ISO
    getting the state of
KeyMap data type
KeyTrans function. See KeyTranslate function
KeyTranslate function
KeyTranslate function [1] [2]
KillControls function
KillControls procedure [1]


Label menu commands
large 4-bit color icon resources
    Rez output format for [1]
large 8-bit color icon resources
    Rez output format for [1]
large icons (32-by-32 pixel)
launching applications, from the Finder [1]
List Manager, and Control Manager
local coordinates
local IDs
    for mapping resources [1]
    in bundle resources and file reference resources
localAndRemoteHLEvents flag
localization guidelines
    for Control Manager [1] [2]
    for Dialog Manager [1] [2] [3]
location names [1] [2]
low-level events
    handling [1]


Macintosh Toolbox
    features provided by
    introduction to  [1]
major switches
marking character in a menu item
    events. See event masks
MBarEnable global variable
MCEntry data type
memory, allocating
menu bar
    accessing from alert and dialog boxes [1]
    creating [1]
    handling mouse-down events in
menu bar definition function
menu color information table [1]
    menu bar entry
    menu item entry
    menu title entry
menu color information table resources [1]
menu commands
    About (Apple menu)
    Can't Undo (Edit menu)
    Clear (Edit menu) [1] [2]
    Close (File menu)
    Copy (Edit menu) [1] [2]
    Create Publisher (Edit menu)
    Cut (Edit menu) [1] [2]
    for changing colors in the Finder
    Hide Balloons (Help menu)
    Hide Clipboard (Edit menu)
    Hide Others (Application menu)
    keyboard equivalents for [1] [2]
    New (File menu)
    None (Color menu)
    Open (File menu)
    Other (Size menu)
    Page Setup (File menu)
    Paste (Edit menu) [1] [2] [3]
    Print (File menu)
    Publisher Options (Edit menu)
    Quit (File menu)
    Save (File menu)
    Save As (File menu)
    Select All (Edit menu)
    Show Balloons (Help menu) [1] [2]
    Show Clipboard (Edit menu)
    Subscribe To (Edit menu)
    Subscriber Options (Edit menu)
    Undo (Edit menu) [1] [2]
menu commands. See menu items
menu definition procedure [1]
    and the A5 register
    drawing color menus
    handling scrolling in menus
menu handle
menu ID [1] [2]
menu items [1]
    adding to Apple menu [1]
    adding to Help menu [1]
    adding to menus [1]
    appearance [1]
      font style of
      icon of [1]
      mark of
      script code of [1]
      text of [1]
    characteristics [1]
    disabling [1] [2] [3]
    divider [1] [2]
    enabling [1] [2] [3]
    font style of
    grouping [1]
    handling user selection of [1]
    icon of
    in a mutually exclusive group
    in an accumulating group
    item numbers
    keyboard equivalents for [1] [2]
    marking character of
    metacharacters in [1]
    providing help balloons for
    script code of [1] [2]
    script of
    specifying the characteristics of [1]
    submenu for [1] [2]
    terms to use in help balloons and user documentation
    text of [1]
menu lists [1] [2]
Menu Manager [1]
    and Dialog Manager [1]
    application-defined routines for [1]
    data structures in [1]
    data structures maintained by [1]
    initializing [1]
    localization guidelines [1] [2]
    routines in [1]
    routines names, mapping of
    testing for availability
    user interface guidelines [1]
menu records [1] [2]
menu resource [1]
MenuChoice function
MenuChoice function [1]
MenuInfo data type
MenuKey function
MenuKey function [1] [2]
    accessing from alert and dialog boxes [1] [2]
    adding items to [1]
    adjusting items in
    Apple menu. See Apple menu
    Application menu. See Application menu
    creating [1]
      hierarchical [1]
      pop-up [1] [2] [3]
      pull-down [1]
    disabling for alert and dialog boxes [1]
    disposing of [1] [2]
    Edit menu. See Edit menu
    File menu. See File menu
    Font menu. See Font menu
    grouping items in [1]
    help balloons for
    Help menu. See Help menu
    hierarchical [1] [2] [3]
    items. See menu items
    keyboard equivalents for [1] [2]
    Keyboard menu. See Keyboard menu
    menu ID
    pop-up. See pop-up menus
    pull-down [1] [2]
    resource ID
    Size menu. See Size menu
    Style menu. See Style menu
    submenus [1] [2]
    system-handled [1] [2]
    titles of
    types of
menus. See also Apple menu; Application menu; Edit menu; File menu; Font menu; Size menu; Style menu 
MenuSelect function
MenuSelect function [1] [2]
message string resources [1]
minor switches
missing-application name string resources [1] [2]
modal dialog boxes
    accessing menus from [1]
    closing [1]
    creating [1] [2]
    defined [1]
    displaying [1] [2]
    event filter function for [1] [2]
    events in [1] [2]
    window types for
ModalDialog function
ModalDialog procedure [1]
    and disk-inserted events
    and menus [1]
modeless dialog boxes
    accessing menus from [1]
    closing [1]
    creating [1] [2]
    defined [1]
    displaying [1]
    events in [1] [2]
    titles for
    window types for
modifier keys [1] [2] [3]
mounted folder, alias type for
    determining location of
    getting information about
mouse driver
mouse region [1] [2]
mouse-down events
    handling [1]
    in alert boxes [1] [2]
    in controls [1]
    in desk accessories [1] [2]
    in dialog boxes [1] [2]
    in the menu bar [1]
    in windows
mouse-moved events [1] [2]
    handling [1]
mouse-up events
    in alert boxes [1] [2]
    in controls [1]
    in dialog boxes [1] [2]
movable modal dialog boxes
    accessing menus from [1]
    closing [1]
    creating [1] [2]
    defined [1]
    displaying [1] [2]
    events in [1] [2]
    titles for
    window types for
movable resources [1]
movableDBoxProc constant
movableDBoxProc window type [1] [2] [3]
MoveControl function
MoveControl procedure [1]
MoveWindow function
MoveWindow procedure [1]
MyAction procedure [1]
MyAlertSound procedure [1]
MyControl function [1]
MyEventFilter function [1]
MyIndicatorAction procedure [1]
MyItem procedure [1]


name string resources for applications [1]
nameLocked flag
networks, using shared Trash directories on
New command (File menu)
NewCDialog function. See NewColorDialog function
NewColorDialog function [1]
NewColorDialog function
NewControl function
NewControl  function
NewControl function
NewCWindow function [1]
NewCWindow function
NewDialog function
NewDialog function [1]
NewMenu function [1]
NewMenu function
NewWindow function
NewWindow function [1]
noGrowDocProc constant
noGrowDocProc window type [1] [2]
note alerts
    creating with the NoteAlert function [1]
NoteAlert function
NoteAlert function [1]
Notification Manager, and operating-system events
null events
    and event masking
    handling [1]


OldContent global variable
OldStructure global variable
onlyBackground flag
Open command (File menu)
Open Documents events [1] [2] [3]
OpenDeskAcc function [1] [2]
    applications, from the Finder [1]
    disks [1]
    documents [1]
    folders [1]
Operating System Event Manager [1] [2]
    . See also Event Manager
Operating System event queue
    flushing events from
operating-system events
    defined [1]
    handling [1]
Option key
OSEventAvail function
OSEventAvail function [1]
Other command (Size menu) [1] [2]


page regions, in scroll bars. See gray areas
Page Setup command (File menu)
PaintBehind procedure [1]
PaintBehind function
PaintOne function
PaintOne procedure [1]
PaintWhite global variable [1] [2]
Palette Manager, and system color tables
ParamText function
ParamText procedure [1]
part codes [1]
    sizes of
Paste command (Edit menu)
    and dialog boxes [1]
    and information windows
PBGetCatInfo function
PBMountVol function
pCDeskPat parameter-RAM bit flag
pictures, in alert or dialog boxes [1] [2]
PinRect function
PinRect function [1]
plainDBoxProc window type
pop-up menus [1]
    action procedure for [1]
    active [1]
    control definition function for [1] [2] [3]
    control definition ID for
    creating [1] [2]
    defined [1] [2]
    events in, in windows [1]
    in dialog boxes
    inactive [1]
    testing for availability
    type-in fields
    variation codes for
PopUpMenuSelect function
PopUpMenuSelect function [1]
port names
    and receiving high-level events
    converting to process serial numbers
port rectangle
    of Window Manager port
posCntl constant
PostEvent function [1]
PostEvent function
PostHighLevelEvent function
PostHighLevelEvent function [1]
PostHighLevelEvent function 
posting options
PPC (Program-to-Program Communications) Toolbox [1] [2]
PPC port record
PPCBrowser function
    filling in a target ID record
    finding a specific port
    posting a high-level event [1]
PPostEvent function
PPostEvent function [1]
preferences files
Preferences folder
    alias type for
    storing files in
Print command (File menu)
Print Documents events [1]
PrintMonitor Documents folder
    alias type for
Process Manager
    and Event Manager
    and the Finder
process serial numbers, converting to port names [1]
    context of
    switching between [1] [2]
Program-to-Program Communications (PPC) Toolbox [1] [2]
Publisher Options command (Edit menu)
pull-down menus


QHdr data type
query documents
    creating icons for
    default icon for
    .See also Color QuickDraw
    coordinate systems in [1]
Quit command (File menu)


radio buttons
    active [1]
    control definition ID for
    creating, in windows
    defined [1]
    events in [1]
    events in, in windows [1]
    inactive [1]
    part code for
    specifying in alert or dialog boxes
rDocProc window type
rectangles, for controls [1] [2] [3]
    . See also display rectangles
refCon field
reference values
    changing, for controls [1]
    determining, for controls [1]
    for pop-up menus
    specifying, for controls [1] [2]
region codes, in version resources
requiresSwitchLaunch flag
Rescued Items from volume name folders
ResetAlertStage function
ResetAlertStage procedure [1]
ResetAlrtStage procedure. See ResetAlertStage procedure
resizing windows
ResolveAliasFile function
ResolveAliasFile function [1]
resource forks
resource IDs
    for cursors
    for icons in menu items
Resource Manager
    and Control Manager
    and the Finder
Resource Manager  [1]
resource maps
resource types
    'actb' [1]
    'ALRT'. See alert resources
    'BNDL' [1] [2]
    'cctb' [1]
    'CDEF' [1] [2]
    'cicn' [1]
    'cicn'  [1] [2]
    'CNTL' [1]
    'dctb'  [1]
    'DITL'. See item list resources
    'DLOG'. See dialog resources
    'DRVR'  [1] [2]
    'FKEY' [1] [2] [3]
    'FOND'  [1] [2]
    'FONT'  [1] [2]
    'FREF' [1] [2]
    'hmmu' [1] [2]
    'icl4' [1]
    'icl8' [1]
    'ICN#' [1] [2]
    'ICON' [1]
    'ICON'  [1] [2]
    'ics#' [1] [2]
    'ics4' [1]
    'ics8' [1]
    'KMAP' [1]
    'MBAR'  [1]
    'mctb'  [1]
    'MENU'  [1]
    'SICN'  [1] [2]
    'SIZE' [1] [2]
    'STR ' [1] [2]
    'STR#' [1] [2]
    'vers' [1] [2]
    'WIND' [1] [2] [3]
resources [1]
    alert [1]
    alert  [1]
    alert color table [1]
    alias record
    application-missing message string [1]
    bundle [1] [2]
    color icon [1] [2]
    control [1]
    control color table [1]
    control definition function [1] [2]
    dialog [1] [2] [3]
    dialog color table [1]
    file reference [1] [2]
    font family
    icon [1] [2]
    icon list [1] [2]
    international configuration
    item color table [1]
    item list. See item list resources
    key-map [1] [2]
    key-remap [1] [2]
    large 4-bit color icon [1]
    large 8-bit color icon [1]
    menu [1]
    menu bar [1]
    menu bar definition function
    menu color information table [1]
    menu definition procedure [1]
    missing-application name string [1]
    movable [1]
    signature [1]
    size [1] [2]
    small 4-bit color icon [1]
    small 8-bit color icon [1]
    small icon
    small icon list [1]
    sound [1]
    string list [1] [2]
    System file, in the
    used by the Finder [1]
    version [1] [2]
    window [1] [2] [3]
    window color table [1]
    window definition function
resume events
    handling [1]
ResumeProc global variable
return receipts [1] [2]
RGBColor data type
RGBColor data type


sample routines
    DoEvent [1] [2]
    DoKeyDown [1] [2]
    DoMouseDown [1] [2]
Save As command (File menu)
Save command (File menu)
SaveOld function
SaveOld procedure [1]
SaveUpdate global variable
SaveVisRgn global variable
    converting global to private
    converting private to global
scrap coercion [1] [2]
Scrap Manager [1] [2]
script code, for menu item text
script system resource collections, icon for
script, changing a menu item's [1] [2]
scroll arrows
    action procedures for [1]
    defined [1]
    events in [1]
    part codes for [1]
scroll bars
    . See also gray areas; scroll arrows; scroll boxes
    active [1]
    and List Manager
    as a window element
    changing settings and display of [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    control definition ID for
    creating, in windows [1]
    defined [1]
    document scrolling with [1] [2]
    events in [1] [2]
    inactive [1]
    moving and resizing [1]
    updating [1]
scroll boxes
    action procedure for [1]
    defined [1]
    events in [1]
    moving [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    part code for
ScrollRect procedure [1]
Select All command (Edit menu)
SelectDialogItemText procedure [1]
SelectDialogItemText function
SelectWindow function
SelectWindow procedure [1] [2]
SelIText procedure. See SelectDialogItemText procedure
SendBehind function
SendBehind procedure [1]
servers, alias type for
session reference number
SetControlAction procedure [1]
SetControlAction function
SetControlColor function
SetControlColor procedure [1]
SetControlMaximum procedure [1] [2]
SetControlMaximum function
SetControlMinimum function
SetControlMinimum procedure [1]
SetControlReference procedure [1]
SetControlReference function
SetControlTitle function
SetControlTitle procedure [1]
SetControlValue function
SetControlValue procedure [1] [2] [3] [4]
SetCRefCon procedure. See SetControlReference procedure
SetCTitle procedure. See SetControlTitle procedure
SetCtlAction procedure. See SetControlAction procedure
SetCtlColor procedure. See SetControlColor procedure
SetCtlMax procedure. See SetControlMaximum procedure
SetCtlMin procedure. See SetControlMinimum procedure
SetDAFont procedure. See SetDialogFont procedure
SetDeskCPat function
SetDeskCPat procedure [1]
SetDialogFont procedure [1]
SetDialogFont function
SetDialogItem function
SetDialogItem procedure [1]
SetDialogItemText procedure [1]
SetDialogItemText function
SetDItem procedure. See SetDialogItem procedure
SetEventMask function
SetEventMask procedure [1]
SetItem procedure. See SetMenuItemText procedure
SetItemCmd function
SetItemIcon function
SetItemCmd procedure [1]
SetItemIcon procedure [1]
SetItemMark procedure [1] [2]
SetItemMark function
SetItemStyle function
SetItemStyle procedure [1]
SetIText procedure. See SetDialogItemText procedure
SetMCEntries procedure [1]
SetMCEntries function
SetMCInfo function
SetMCInfo procedure [1] [2]
SetMenuBar procedure [1]
SetMenuBar function
SetMenuFlash function
SetMenuFlash procedure [1]
SetMenuItemText function
SetMenuItemText procedure [1]
SetOrigin procedure [1]
SetPort procedure
SetWinColor procedure [1]
SetWinColor function
SetWindowPic function
SetWindowPic procedure [1]
SetWRefCon function
SetWRefCon procedure [1]
SetWTitle procedure [1]
shared folder, alias type for
Shift key
ShortenDITL function
ShortenDITL procedure [1]
Show Balloons command (Help menu)
Show Clipboard command (Edit menu)
ShowControl procedure [1]
ShowControl function
ShowDialogItem function
ShowDialogItem procedure [1]
ShowDItem procedure. See ShowDialogItem procedure
ShowHide procedure [1]
ShowHide function
ShowWindow function
ShowWindow procedure [1] [2]
signature resources [1]
    as creators
    in bundle resources
    registering [1]
size box
Size menu [1] [2]
    handling [1]
    Other command [1]
size region
size resources [1] [2]
SizeControl procedure [1]
SizeControl function
SizeWindow function
SizeWindow procedure [1] [2]
sleep value
slider controls [1]
small 4-bit color icon resources
    Rez output format for [1]
small 8-bit color icon resources
    Rez output format for [1]
small icon list resources
    creating [1] [2]
    Rez output format for [1]
small icons (16-by-16 pixel)
    resources for
sound resources
    icon for
    installing and removing
stack, size of
standard control definition function [1]
standard file dialog boxes, and disk-inserted events
Standard File Package
    and disk-inserted events [1]
standard state of a window [1] [2]
Startup Items folder
    alias type for
static text items
    getting text from [1]
    setting text in [1] [2] [3]
    specifying in alert or dialog boxes [1] [2]
    substituting text in
    substituting text strings in [1]
    user interface guidelines for [1]
stationery pads
    creating icons for
    default icon for
    defined [1] [2]
    recognition of
StillDown function
StillDown function [1]
stop alerts
    creating with the StopAlert function [1]
StopAlert function
StopAlert function [1]
structure region [1] [2]
Style data type
Style menu [1]
    and the Font menu
    example of
    keyboard equivalents for
Style data type
StyleItem data type
    changing a menu item's [1] [2]
    of a menu item
    creating [1]
Subscribe To command (Edit menu)
Subscriber Options command (Edit menu)
suitcases for fonts and desk accessories
suspend events
    handling [1]
system alert sounds [1] [2]
system color tables, and Palette Manager
system event masks [1] [2]
system extensions
    and Extensions folder
    installing and removing
System file
System Folder
    alias type for
    organization of [1]
system-handled menus
SystemClick procedure [1] [2] [3]
SystemClick function
SystemEdit function
SystemEdit function [1]
SystemEvent function [1]
SystemEvent function
SystemMenu function
SystemMenu procedure [1]
SystemTask function
SystemTask procedure [1] [2] [3]


target ID records [1]
temporary files
Temporary Items folder
TEPinScroll procedure [1]
testCntl constant
TestControl function
TestControl function [1]
TEUpdate procedure
    editable, in dialog boxes. See editable text items
    handling [1]
    in buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
    static, in alert and dialog boxes.  See static text items
text style table [1]
    and Dialog Manager [1]
    and mouse events
    handling text [1]
thumb controls. See scroll boxes
thumbCntl constant
TickCount function
TickCount function [1]
Ticks global variable
title bar
    changing, for controls [1]
    determining, for controls [1]
    for modeless and movable modal dialog boxes
    of buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons [1] [2]
    specifying for controls [1] [2] [3] [4]
Toolbox Event Manager. See Event Manager
TopMenuItem global variable
TrackBox function
TrackBox function [1] [2]
TrackControl function
TrackControl function [1] [2] [3] [4]
    and pop-up menus
TrackGoAway function [1] [2]
Trash directories
    appearance to users
Trash, alias type for


Undo command (Edit menu) [1] [2]
update events
    for windows
    handling [1] [2]
    in alert boxes [1] [2]
    in dialog boxes [1] [2] [3]
    routines for handling [1]
update region
    maintaining [1]
    redrawing [1]
UpdateControls procedure [1]
UpdateControls function
UpdateDialog function
UpdateDialog procedure [1]
UpdtControl procedure. See UpdateControls procedure
UpdtDialog procedure. See UpdateDialog procedure
user interface guidelines
    for Control Manager [1]
    for controls [1]
    for Dialog Manager [1] [2]
    for icons [1] [2]
    for static text items [1]
    for windows [1] [2]
user state of a window [1] [2]
user-oriented design [1]
userKind constant
useTextEditServices flag


ValidRect procedure [1]
ValidRect function
ValidRgn function
ValidRgn procedure [1]
variation codes
    determining, for controls [1]
    for controls, defined
    for windows
version information for applications
    in 'vers' resource [1]
    in Finder windows
    in information windows