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Power Mac G5

The 64-bit processor and next-generation technologies in the Power Mac G5 open a world of opportunities for developers. Optimizing your code can yield significantly increased application performance. More importantly, you can exploit the revolutionary processing, memory, and throughput capabilities of this unique platform to create apps never before possible.

The PowerPC G5 processor supports up to 215 simultaneous in-flight Velocity Engine, floating point, integer & branch instructions. On top of that, the Power Mac G5 has the capacity for up to 8 GB of RAM, more than enough for memory-intensive applications and large media files; high-speed PCI-X slots for expansion; Serial ATA for fast access of up to 500GB of internal storage; and an AGP 8X Pro graphics controller.

The higher processor speeds and wider data paths bring instant performance benefits, but even bigger gains can come with a bit of extra effort. Recompile with GCC 3.3 and its G5 optimization flags, use Apple's Velocity Engine libraries, and utilize profile tools for analysis and fine tuning to gain significantly higher performance. Using Apple's latest Developer Tools is the best way to create apps that take full advantage of the Power Mac G5.

Technical Resources
Developer Performance Page
How can you get the best possible performance out of your code? Are you making the most of Mac OS X and Mac platform? The answers are available on the Apple Developer Connection's Performance page.
Optimizing for the Power Mac G5
The full capabilities of the Power Mac G5 are available to those who optimize their applications for the new system. Learn how to analyze your code and reap the full benefits of the G5 for both new and existing apps.
Technical Note 2086: Tuning for G5: A Practical Guide
This Technical Note explains how to get started tuning your application for the new Power Mac G5 architecture, including how to configure the Mac OS X Developer Tools specifically for G5 optimization, and how to do sophisticated performance tuning of your application.
Technical Note 2087: PowerPC G5 Performance Primer
Get an overview of the differences between the PowerPC G4 and PowerPC G5 processors, and learn about the key features of the G5 that applications developers need to understand to make the most of the chip.
Technical Note 2090: Driver Tuning on Panther or G5
This Technical Note outlines techniques for optimizing drivers for Power Mac G5 and Panther, and is critical reading for anyone involved in Macintosh driver development.
Power Mac G5 Architecture
There's more for developers in the Power Mac G5 than just the new chip. This page provides an overview of the re-designed, ultrahigh-bandwidth system architecture that your applications can now take advantage of, and that ensure no bottlenecks to hold back performance of the Power PC G5 processor.
Key WWDC 2003 Power Mac G5 Sessions
View sessions from Apple's 2003 Worldwide Developer's Conference where the Power Mac G5 was announced. Key sessions covering G5 topics include 502: Power Macintosh G5 Architecture Overview, 506: CHUD - Performance Optimization Tools In-Depth, 507: Mac OS X High Performance Math Libraries, 304: GCC in Depth, and 305: Tuning Software with Performance Tools.
Power Mac G5 Developer Note
This developer note describes the all new 64-bit Power Mac G5 computer. The note provides information about the internal design of the computer, its input-output and expansion capabilities, and related issues. This developer note is intended to help hardware and software developers design products that are compatible with the Macintosh Power Mac G5.
Xcode comprises the integrated development tools for Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, which enable you to utilize everything Mac OS X has to offer developers.
Velocity Engine
Is your code optimized for Velocity Engine? This 128-bit vector-processing unit uses two independent queues and dedicated 128-bit registers and data paths for efficient instruction and data flow, accelerating data manipulation by applying a single instruction to multiple data at the same time.
Power Mac G5 Technology Overview (PDF)
This white paper describes the technologies of the Power Mac G5 , with a focus on the benefits for professional users like graphic designers, video producers, music professionals, and others with needs for high performance.
PowerPC G5: The World's First 64-Bit Desktop Processor (PDF)
For an in-depth explanation of the performance capabilities and features of the PowerPC G5, developers should review this white paper.
Power Mac G5 Performance (PDF)
Read this white paper to learn about the Power Mac G5's performance specs and the results of real-world benchmarking.
Power Mac G5 Specs
This page provides the product specifications for the current Power Mac G5 models.
PowerPC G5 Microprocessor Presentation
An architectural overview of the PowerPC G5 microprocessor is available on the World Wide Web at IBM's site.
Inside the IBM PowerPC 970
This two-part series on the Ars Technica web site provides a good discussion of the architecture of the PowerPC G5 (IBM 970) chip. Part I introduces the chip and its features. Part II covers the execution core.
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