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WWDC 2004. Developers Unite.
News and Updates
Portable Developer Notes
Developer notes for the portables introduced on April 19th have been posted. The HTML versions are availble by following the appropriate link:
All are also available in PDF versions. [Apr 20 2004]
Mac OS X USB Software Debug Kit 208.4.5
This Debug Kit provides a replacement IOUSBFamily.kext file for use with Mac OS X 10.3.3 (7F44) to provide USB event log information. [Apr 5 2004]
Xserve G5 Developer Note
This developer note describes the Xserve G5, providing information about the internal design of the computer, its input-output and expansion capabilities, and issues affecting compatibility. It is available in HTML or PDF versions. [Mar 30 2004]
High Performance Computing for the Rest of Us
Set up a computer cluster in your lab with just a few clicks, using Xgrid. Read how mathematicians and scientists like Xgrid's power and easy setup, which lets them focus on problem solving.[Mar 29 2004]
ADC Reference Library
The new ADC Reference Library is a key developer support tool. It integrates the core ADC technical resources — Documentation, Technical Notes, Sample Code, Release Notes, and Technical Q&As — and adds a highly functional interface that supports filtering, sorting, and browsing. Learn more about how to use it. [Mar 17 2004]
Getting Started with Hardware
This new document provides a guided introduction and learning path to developing hardware and device-level software for Apple's computers and servers. [Mar 17 2004]
Technical Resources
Optimizing for the Power Mac G5
The full capabilities of the Power Mac G5 are available to those who optimize their applications for the new system. Learn how to analyze your code and reap the full benefits of the G5 for both new and existing apps.
Rendezvous Logo Licensing Program
Have you created a great product that uses Rendezvous? If so, tell the world by using Apple's Rendezvous logo! Apple licenses the Rendezvous Logo for use with hardware products that incorporate Rendezvous, Mac OS X applications, and non-Mac OS X applications. A Rendezvous Conformance test is provided for non-Mac OS X products, to ensure the best user experience and to help developers debug their products.
Image Capture SDK 2.0
This SDK contains both application development and camera/scanner module development kits. It includes sample code and documentation demonstrating how to use the Image Capture framework on Mac OS X v10.2 to access camera/scanner devices, and how to write camera/scanner modules.
Mac OS X USB Debug Kit 1.9.2
This package provides a debug version of the IOUSBFamily Kernel Extension, with logging enabled for Mac OS X 10.2 and 10.2.1. Also included is the KLog.kext extension (to facilitate logging) and versions of USBProber and usblogger that are compatible with Mac OS X v10.2.
FireWire Reference Platform and License
The Implementation License for the FireWire Reference Platform 1.0 has been posted. (The platform, which contains the Core Source and Sample Code, is available for download through an evaluation license.) If after evaluation, you'd like to obtain the license to develop or distribute assemblies incorporating the FireWire Reference Platform or modifications, please follow the Implementation License instructions.

FireWire SDK 17 for Mac OS X (Download)
This is an update to the FireWire SDK that includes new sample applications, and updated installer packages containing the latest FireWire OS X projects. FireWire SDK 17 for Mac OS X includes everything you need to develop Mac OS FireWire drivers and applications. Inside you'll find sample code, useful FireWire applications, tools and web links, and debug versions and source code for the Mac OS X FireWire system software.

Bluetooth Resources
Bluetooth developers now have a section with pointers to information, development kits, and products -- please choose this Bluetooth link (which is also on the left side of this page).
Mac OS X SCSI Task User Client Software Development Kit (download)
SCSITaskUserClient SDK includes documentation and sample code demonstrating how user space applications can access devices that are supported by the IOSCSIArchitectureModelFamily.
Technical Paper: Octuple-Precision Floating-Point on Apple G4 (pdf)
This technical paper from Apple's Advanced Computation Group describes a G4 Velocity Engine implementation of "oct-precision" (256-bit floating-point operations) and presents performance benchmarks.
Memory Developers -- Join the DRAM Mailing List!
The Macintosh RAM Developers mailing list allows memory developers to receive broadcasts from Apple as well as to talk with each about issues. To find out more about this and other interesting lists, please see the Apple Mailing Lists section at the bottom of this page. There's no cost, so subscribe to the list today.
Mac OS X Kernel Programming Documentation
The Mac OS X Kernel Developer Documentation page is an important reference for some hardware developers. Also of interest is the Mac OS X Developer Documentation page.

Forth tutorials available for download
Two new Forth/Open Firmware presentations are now available on the PCI page. These presentations are intended for hardware designers, driver writers, and testers that would like to learn Forth basics so as to examine, access, and control hardware from Open Firmware.

Part 1 covers Forth basics for Open Firmware: some definitions of Forth terms, an outline of the Open Firmware structure, and basic Forth operations (I/O and arithmetic).

Part 2 expands upon the basics covered in Part 1. It provides definitions of Forth comment and notation styles, memory management and manipulation, simple console input/output, text editing, and basic flow control/looping functions. The presentation documents are available in Acrobat or PowerPoint format.

PCI Power Manager DDK 1.0
Current Apple computers with PCI slots have a feature where they can remove power from the PCI slots when the CPU is put into a sleep state, and then restore power to the slots when the computer wakes up. This saves power, and computers and PCI cards that use less energy can be more attractive to purchasers.

To take advantage of this power saving feature, PCI card drivers need to be able to handle the comings and goings of power -- and then indicate and implement power management capability to the Mac OS through the Power Manager APIs.

The Power Manager DDK contains API documentation and sample code which show how to make drivers power management compliant. It will be of interest to anyone involved in developing PCI cards and drivers for the Macintosh. This revision is a minor tune up to the previous version; it cleans up headers and documentation read me files.

Velocity Engine Technical Resources
Motorola's AltiVec Technology, embodied in the G4 and G5 processors, expands the current PowerPC architecture through the addition of a 128-bit vector execution unit, which operates concurrently with existing integer and floating-point units. Learn how your applications can take advantage of the dramatic performance increases Velocity Engine makes possible.
USB Resources
See the USB page for developer information, various available USB resources, and links to the development kits.
Hardware Developer Notes
Hardware Developer Notes are the essential and definitive resource for the hardware developer. They list the design requirements for hardware products, with specifications, tips, and warnings. Visit this section right after new product introductions (click on the "New and updated documentation" link).

Apple Mailing Lists
There are many informative lists run by Apple and non-Apple hosts. This section leads to topic descriptions and subscription info for the various lists.

Of interest to memory developers is the DRAM Developers mailing list. This list allows DRAM developers to discuss issues among themselves as well as to receive periodic broadcasts from Apple.

Many other valuable lists for hardware and software developers can be found on the Apple Mailing Lists page. For example, there are lists for FireWire and USB developers.

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