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Technical Notes
Cocoa is an object-oriented application environment designed for developing Mac OS X native applications. The Cocoa frameworks support rapid development and high productivity. Cocoa provides developers starting new Mac OS X projects the fastest way to full-featured implementations. Applications from other platforms can also be brought to Mac OS X quickly using Cocoa.

A guided introduction and learning path for developers new to Cocoa.   Essential information for developers using Objective-C.   Objective-C API references organized by framework.
Cocoa Topics
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Object-oriented API for creating scriptable applications.   Policies and design patterns for creating Cocoa programs.   Cocoa facilities for handling messages sent to applications by the Mac OS.

Object-oriented interfaces for gaining access to files and folders on storage devices.   Object-oriented APIs for developing full-featured games for Mac OS X.   Object-oriented APIs for creating graphics content in Cocoa applications.

A widely known programming language used for learning Cocoa development.   Objective-C APIs for imaging content to a PDF document or a printing device.   Facilities that help Cocoa programs manage their own scheduling and execution.

Classes for creating and playing multimedia in Cocoa applications.   Conventions and services that prepare code in Cocoa projects for execution.   Object-oriented APIs for working with strings and fonts, and rendering glyphs.

A suite of tools for building Cocoa applications, frameworks, and more.   Object-oriented APIs for creating the look and feel of Cocoa applications.  

View legacy technologies, including technologies, features, products, APIs, and programming techniques that are no longer supported or have been superseded.