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Xcode Tools
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The Xcode Tools, which ship as part of Mac OS X v10.3 "Panther" and are available for download, include everything you need to begin developing applications for Mac OS X: Xcode 1.1, gcc 3.3, Interface Builder 2.4.1, AppleScript Studio, updated documentation, performance tools, and much more.

With a revolutionary approach to developer productivity, the Xcode Tools offer a host of new features, making them the fastest way to develop applications for Mac OS X.

Xcode fuses familiar user interface concepts with a unique mix of performance technologies to create a complete Integrated Development Environment.

Xcode IDE Screen ShotGroundbreaking UI
Xcode offers developers a familiar Mac OS X user experience. The IDE's powerful new project organizer takes a cue from iTunes's Smart Playlists, letting developers view project files filtered by custom rules. Xcode also features a new, pervasive search interface that uses live project indexing to yield instant results that are refined as you type.

Working Fast
The distributed build feature leads Xcode's performance technology lineup. Using Rendezvous, Xcode can farm out your project's compilation to idle desktop machines or even an Xserve build farm, drastically reducing compile time. Enabling near-instant turnaround for bug fixes, Xcode's Fix and Continue feature lets developers change code while the app continues to run.

G5 Chip Easy Access to Apple Technology
Not only is Xcode the fastest way to develop applications for Mac OS X, it's the easy way to optimize them for Apple's new PowerPC G5 architecture. Xcode incorporates the machine model for the new generation processor, taking full advantage of the PowerPC instruction grouping and supporting the unique hardware math functions.

Interface Builder
Interface Builder, part of the Xcode Tools, is Apple's graphical editor for designing Mac OS X user interface components. Using its graphical editing environment, developers manage virtually every aspect of creating a well designed UI that adheres to the Aqua Human Interface Guidelines.

Xcode IconAppleScript Studio
Perhaps the easiest way to create a fantastic Mac OS X native application is with AppleScript Studio. By combining an application framework with a development environment, AppleScript Studio allows developers to provide sophisticated user interfaces for applications that execute AppleScript scripts. AppleScript Studio is included with the Xcode Tools.

Performance and Debugging Tools
The Xcode Tools include a host of utilities for debugging, memory inspection, and performance optimization. Tools like Shark and Sampler reveal where your applications are spending their time, while memory use can be tracked with tools like MallocDebug.

Getting the Xcode Tools
The Xcode Tools are free from Apple. While Mac OS X v 10.3 "Panther" includes the Xcode Tools, developers can stay up-to-date by downloading the latest version of the Xcode Tools from the Apple Developer Connection. The Xcode Tools require Mac OS X version 10.3 or higher.

Switching from CodeWarrior to Xcode
Read this article to learn about using Xcode, the complete set of development tools from Apple, to import your projects from CodeWarrior, enabling you to utilize everything that Mac OS X has to offer.
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