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MPW Command Reference


Preface ---- About the Command Reference



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Appendix A ---- Operators

Appendix B ---- Expressions

Appendix C ---- Dictionary of Special Characters and Operators


Arithmetic Operators

Command Terminators


Logical Operators

Makefile Characters

Menu Characters

Miscellaneous Characters

Number Prefixes

Redirection Characters

Regular and Selection Expression Characters

Wildcard Characters





AboutBox ---- displays the MPW About box

AddMenu ---- creates custom menus

AddPane ---- splits a window into panes

Adjust ---- adjusts lines

Alert ---- displays an alert box

Alias ---- defines command aliases

Align ---- aligns text

Asm ---- assembles 68K source files

AuthorInfo ---- specify or print information about the authors in a project

Backup ---- duplicates files

Beep ---- produces a beep

Begin...End ---- groups commands

Break ---- breaks from For or Loop

Browser ---- invokes the MPW Browser window

BuildCommands ---- shows build commands

BuildMenu ---- creates the Build menu

BuildProgram ---- builds the specified program

Canon ---- provides a canonical spelling tool

Catenate ---- concatenates files

CheckIn ---- checks in files to a project

CheckOut ---- checks out files from a project

CheckOutDir ---- sets or displays the checkout directory

Choose ---- mounts network volumes and printers

Clear ---- clears the selection

Close ---- closes the specified windows

CMarker ---- marks C++ and ANSI C source files

Commando ---- displays a Commando dialog box

Compare ---- compares text files

CompareFiles ---- displays file differences

CompareRevisions ---- compares revisions

Confirm ---- displays a confirmation dialog box

Continue ---- continues with the next loop iteration

Copy ---- copies the selection to the Clipboard

Count ---- counts lines and characters

CreateMake ---- creates a simple makefile

Cut ---- copies the selection to the Clipboard and deletes it

Date ---- writes the date and time

Delete ---- deletes files and directories

DeleteCharLeft ---- editor primitive

DeleteCharRight ---- editor primitive

DeleteEndOfFile ---- editor primitive

DeleteEndOfLine ---- editor primitive

DeleteMenu ---- deletes menus and menu items

DeleteNames ---- deletes revision names

DeletePane ---- removes window panes

DeleteRevisions ---- deletes revisions and branches

DeleteStartOfFile ---- editor primitive

DeleteStartOfLine ---- editor primitive

DeleteWordLeft ---- editor primitive

DeleteWordRight ---- editor primitive

DeRez ---- decompiles resources

Directory ---- sets or writes the default directory

DirectoryMenu ---- creates the Directory menu

DoIt ---- highlights and executes a series of commands

DumpCode ---- disassembles code resources

DumpFile ---- displays the resource or data fork of a file

DumpObj ---- displays the formatted contents of a 68K object file

DumpPEF ---- displays the formatted contents of a PEF file

DumpSYM ---- displays the formatted contents of a SYM file

DumpXCOFF ---- displays the formatted contents of an XCOFF file

Duplicate ---- duplicates files and directories

DuplicateNameRevisions ---- duplicates a symbolic name

Echo ---- echoes parameters

Editor Primitives

Eject ---- ejects volumes

Entab ---- converts groups of spaces to tabs

Equal ---- compares files and directories

Erase ---- initializes volumes

Evaluate ---- evaluates an expression

[Execute] ---- runs a script, built-in command, tool, or application

Exists ---- confirms existence of a file or directory

Exit ---- exits from a script

Export ---- extends variable scope

FileDiv ---- divides a file into several smaller files

Files ---- lists files and directories

Find ---- finds and selects text

Flush ---- clears the command cache

FlushAllVolumes ---- flushes all volumes

For... ---- repeats commands once per parameter

Format ---- sets or views the window format

Gestalt ---- determines operating environment features

Get ---- indexes and retrieves information

GetErrorText ---- displays system error messages

GetFileName ---- displays a standard file dialog

GetListItem ---- displays items for selection

Help ---- displays summary information

HideWindows ---- hides the specified windows

If... ---- executes commands conditionally

ILink ---- links a 68K application, tool, shared library, or resource

ILinkToSYM ---- creates a symbolic information file

InteractiveHelp ---- provides a dialog-driven interface to the MPW Help system

Lib ---- combines object files into a library file

Line ---- finds a line number

Link ---- links a 68K application, tool, or resource

LockNameRevisions ---- locks a symbolic name

Loop...End ---- repeats commands until Break

Make ---- builds an up-to-date version of a program

MakeDepend ---- generates makefile dependencies

MakeErrorFile ---- creates an error message file

MakeFlat ---- converts resources of a CFM-68K segmented shared library

MakePEF ---- converts XCOFF to PEF

MakePPCCodeRsrc ---- creates a PowerPC code resource from a PEF file

MakeStub ---- creates a PowerPC, CFM-68K or fat stub library

MakeSYM ---- creates a symbolic information (SYM) file from an XCOFF file

Mark ---- assigns a marker to a selection

Markers ---- lists markers in a window

MatchIt ---- matches paired language delimiters

MergeBranch ---- merges a branch revision onto the trunk

MergeFragment ---- merges a code fragment

ModifyReadOnly ---- allows editing of a read-only file

ModPEF ---- extracts, deletes and/or modifies PEF fragments

Monitors ---- outputs coordinates of the display monitor

Mount ---- mounts volumes

MountProject ---- mounts or lists projects

MountVolume ---- mounts an AppleShare volume

Move ---- moves files and directories

MoveCharLeft ---- editor primitive

MoveCharRight ---- editor primitive

MoveEndOfFile ---- editor primitive

MoveEndOfLine ---- editor primitive

MoveHalfPageUp ---- editor primitive

MoveHalfPageDown ---- editor primitive

MoveLineUp ---- editor primitive

MoveLineDown ---- editor primitive

MovePageUp ---- editor primitive

MovePageDown ---- editor primitive

MoveStartOfFile ---- editor primitive

MoveStartOfLine ---- editor primitive

MoveWindow ---- moves a window to a new location

MoveWordLeft ---- editor primitive

MoveWordRight ---- editor primitive

MrC[pp] ---- compiles C and C++ source files for PowerPC

MultiSearch ---- searches multiple files for multiple patterns

NameRevisions ---- defines or lists symbolic names

New ---- opens a new window

Newer ---- compares modification dates

NewFolder ---- creates a directory

NewKeyMap ---- defines alternative keyboard equivalents

NewProject ---- creates a project

ObsoleteNameRevisions ---- marks a symbolic name as obsolete

ObsoleteProjectorFile ---- deactivates a projector file

Open ---- opens a window

OrphanFiles ---- removes project info from files

Parameters ---- writes parameters

Paste ---- replaces the selection with Clipboard contents

PerformReport ---- generates a performance report

PlaySound ---- plays a sound resource

Position ---- lists position of selection in window

PPCAsm ---- assembles PowerPC source files

PPCLink ---- links a PowerPC application, tool, shared library, or static library

PPCProff ---- analyzes a .pgh file and displays the results

Print ---- prints text files

PrintProff ---- prints profiling reports

Project ---- sets or writes the current project

ProjectInfo ---- lists project information

Quit ---- quits MPW

Quote ---- quotes parameters

Redo ---- reverses the previous Undo

Rename ---- renames files and directories

RenameProjectorFile ---- renames a Projector file

Replace ---- replaces the selection

Request ---- requests text from a dialog box

ResEqual ---- compares attributes and flags of two files

ResolveAlias ---- resolves pathnames containing aliases

Revert ---- reverts windows to previously saved states

Rez ---- compiles resources

RezDet ---- detects inconsistencies in resources

RotatePanes ---- selects the active window pane

RotateWindows ---- rotates between windows

RProj ---- sends Projector commands to remote shell

RShell ---- sends commands to a remote shell

Save ---- saves windows

SaveOnClose ---- sets the window-saving preference

SC[pp] ---- compiles C and C++ source files for 68K

ScrollPageUp ---- editor primitive

ScrollHalfPageDown ---- editor primitive

Search ---- searches files for a pattern

SelectCharLeft ---- editor primitive

SelectCharRight ---- editor primitive

SelectEndOfFile ---- editor primitive

SelectEndOfLine ---- editor primitive

SelectHalfPageUp ---- editor primitive

SelectHalfPageDown ---- editor primitive

SelectLineUp ---- editor primitive

SelectLineDown ---- editor primitive

SelectPageUp ---- editor primitive

SelectPageDown ---- editor primitive

SelectStartOfFile ---- editor primitive

SelectStartOfLine ---- editor primitive

SelectWordLeft ---- editor primitive

SelectWordRight ---- editor primitive

SendAE ---- sends an Apple Event to an application

Set ---- defines or writes the value of MPW Shell variables

SetDirectory ---- sets the default directory

SetFile ---- sets file attributes

SetKey ---- defines new keyboard equivalents

SetPrivilege ---- sets access privileges for folders

SetShellSize ---- changes the MPW Shell partition or stack size

SetVersion ---- sets the version number of a file

Shift ---- renumbers script parameters

shlb2stub ---- creates a stub ('stub') library from a shared ('shlb') library

ShowSelection ---- positions the selection in a window

ShowWindows ---- makes the specified windows, if previously hidden, become visible

ShutDown ---- shuts down or reboots

SizeWindow ---- sets a window's size

Sort ---- sorts or merges text lines

StackWindows ---- arranges windows diagonally

StreamEdit ---- edits input files

Target ---- makes a window the target window

Tee ---- duplicates standard input to multiple streams

TickCount ---- returns the current system tick count

TileWindows ---- arranges windows in a tile pattern

TransferCkid ---- moves Projector information

Translate ---- converts selected characters

Unalias ---- removes aliases

Undo ---- reverses the last edit

Unexport ---- removes variable definition from export

UnlockNameRevisions ---- unlocks a symbolic name

Unmangle ---- unmangles mangled C++ names

Unmark ---- removes a marker from a file

Unmount[Volume] ---- unmounts volumes

UnmountProject ---- unmounts projects

UnObsoleteProjectorFile ---- reactivates a Projector file

Unset ---- removes MPW Shell variables

UnSetKey ---- removes keyboard equivalents

Version ---- displays the version of the MPW Shell

VersionList ---- lists version information for files

Volumes ---- lists mounted volumes

WhereIs ---- finds files

Which ---- determines which file executes

Windows ---- lists windows

ZoomWindow ---- enlarges or reduces a window


Last Updated June 2001

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