William Bland

I was born in the UK and studied at the University of Nottingham for six years, first for a B.Sc. and then for a Ph.D, both in Mathematics. I currently live in Mountain View, Northern California, and I work as a computer programmer (writing mostly in Common Lisp and Java).

You might be interested in my resume or my blog.

When I get time outside work, I'm interested in:

  • Computing: I taught myself programming when I was nine years old, on a Sinclair ZX81, and I've been trying to make computers to do fun and interesting things ever since. I'm currently interested in Lisp. In the past, I have:
    • Embedded a Scheme interpreter in the Linux kernel (why not?): Schemix
    • Helped (a little) to port Linux to some new hardware: Avos
    • Dabbled with Java macros
    You can find more details of computing I have done outside of work here (this stuff is very old though).
  • Photography: I love photography. I took all the pictures on this page with my Fuji S7000 digital camera. I take my photos at 12 megapixel resolution so that I can get them printed as 30-inch by 20-inch posters. I've found Shutterfly to be really good for this. I like their colour-balance, and they use very heavy paper.
  • Music: My current favorites include (in no particular order) Plaid, Boards of Canada, Orbital, Prokofiev, The Beatles, Beethoven, Aphex Twin, Tchaikovsky, Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Kraftwerk, Vivaldi, The Orb, Ravi Shankar, Janacek, and most of the music that comes out of the Ministry of Sound and the Warp record label.


  • Since I'm a Brit stranded in America, I watch the BBC news often.
  • Paul Graham's website always has interesting essays on it.
  • The Wikipedia knows everything!
  • Peter Norvig's Java Infrequently Asked Questions should be required reading for any Java programmer, as should Jamie Zawinski's nice Java rant.
  • Planet Lisp is a great source for Lisp related news.
  • The Emacs Wiki is good at answering Emacs questions.
  • I love listening to the music that comes out of Magnatune, especially the electronica.
  • A good friend of mine runs ZFreebies, a free-stuff site (product samples, vouchers, gift cards, etc). He also has a UK version of the site.
  • Another good friend, Adam Beguelin, has a blog about hackers and technology.
  • Peter Seibel's book is an excellent introduction to Lisp.
  • lispdoc is a search engine for Common Lisp documentation.

You can contact me by sending email to: doctorbill [at] gmail [dot] com

Photo of Bill, by William Bland
Photo of a dripping tap, by William Bland
Photo of an insect, by William Bland
Photo of a bee on a flower, by William Bland
Photo of a flower, by William Bland
Photo of some dead wood, by William Bland Photo of a dripping tap, by William Bland
Photo of a poppy, by William Bland Photo of a sunset, by William Bland Photo of a sunset, by William Bland Photo of the moon, by William Bland