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\input macros
Purely anonymous generic functions can be created with the {\bf
generic-function} special form.  This special form produces
a generic function with a specified set of method definitions as the

The {\bf generic-labels} and {\bf generic-flet} special forms are
analogs to the Common Lisp {\bf labels} and {\bf flet} constructs.
They establish local function definition bindings.  Both {\bf
generic-labels} and {\bf generic-flet} produce new generic function
objects.  The fact that a generic function is already bound to a
variable of the same name or to a symbol is irrelevant to the
operation of these forms.

The {\bf with-added-methods} special form provides a means of
extending a generic function that is currently defined on a symbol
(name) or that is lexically defined.  These extensions do not
alter existing generic functions.