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!0Common Lisp Object System Specification!!1--1
!11. Basic User Interface Concepts!!1--1
!3Defining Classes!!1--5
!3The Structure of Class Objects!!1--5
!3Creating Instances of Classes!!1--5
!3Class Precedence!!1--6
!3Accessing Slots!!1--6
!3Types and Classes!!1--6
!3Lattice of classes that are instances of standard-type-class!!1--7
!2Generic Functions and Methods!!1--8
!3Introduction to Generic Functions!!1--8
!3Introduction to Methods!!1--8
!3Congruent Lambda-lists for all Methods of a Generic Function!!1--9
!2Method Selection and Combination!!1--11
!2DAEMON Method Combination!!1--13
!2Determining the Class Precedence List!!1--15
!3Rules for Determining Class Precedence!!1--15
!3Constructing a Tree of Classes!!1--15
!3When Several Orderings are Possible!!1--16
!3Conflicting Class Definitions!!1--16
!2Declaration Method Combination!!1--18
!2Meta Objects!!1--19
!3Standard Metaclasses!!1--19