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!0Common Lisp Object System Specification!!1--1
!11. Programmer Interface Concepts!!1--1
!2Error Terminology!!1--4
!3Defining Classes!!1--7
!3Creating Instances of Classes!!1--7
!3Accessing Slots!!1--8
!3Inheritance of Methods!!1--10
!3Inheritance of Slots and Slot Options!!1--10
!3Inheritance of Class Options!!1--11
!3Examples of Inheritance!!1--12
!2Redefining Classes!!1--13
!2Changing the Class of an Instance!!1--15
!2Integrating Types and Classes!!1--17
!2Determining the Class Precedence List!!1--20
!3Topological Sorting!!1--20
!2Generic Functions and Methods!!1--23
!3Introduction to Generic Functions!!1--23
!3Introduction to Methods!!1--24
!3Congruent Lambda-lists for All Methods of a Generic Function!!1--26
!3Keyword Arguments in Generic Functions and Methods!!1--26
!2Method Selection and Combination!!1--28
!3Determining the Effective Method!!1--28
!4Sorting the Applicable Methods by Precedence Order!!1--28
!4Applying Method Combination to the Sorted List of Applicable Methods!!1--29
!3Standard Method Combination!!1--31
!3Declarative Method Combination!!1--32
!3Built-in Method Combination Types!!1--32
!2Meta Objects!!1--35
!3Standard Metaclasses!!1--35
!3Standard Meta-Objects!!1--35
!2Object Creation and Initialization!!1--36
!3Initialization Arguments!!1--37
!3Declaring the Validity of Initialization Arguments!!1--37
!3Defaulting of Initialization Arguments!!1--38
!3Rules for Duplicate Initialization Arguments!!1--39
!3Methods for Initialize-instance!!1--40
!3Procedural Definition of Make-instance!!1--41
!2Introduction to Setf Functions!!1--42