perm filename TAKL.TIM[TIM,LSP]1 blob sn#657794 filedate 1982-05-10 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	 ELISP/UCILISP
C00003 00003	SAIL
C00004 00004	 Texas UCILISP
C00006 00005	∂08-May-82  2148	Kim.jkf at Berkeley 	updated mas benchmark results
C00007 00006	 T/UCILISP
C00008 ENDMK
Elisp:  2.389 sec.
R/UCI Lisp:  12.816 sec.
R/UCI Lisp with NOUUO NIL: 3.886 sec.

(RUNTIME 3.227) 
(GCTIME 0.0) 
(RUNTIME 3.231) 
(GCTIME 0.0) 
(RUNTIME 3.226) 
(GCTIME 0.0) 
(RUNTIME 3.241) 
(GCTIME 0.0) 
;;; Texas UCILISP
∂06-May-82  0128	Mabry Tyson <Tyson at SRI-AI> 	MAS results for UCI Lisp
Date:  6 May 1982 0126-PDT
From: Mabry Tyson <Tyson at SRI-AI>
Subject: MAS results for UCI Lisp
To: rpg at SU-AI

TAK program with 100 different TAKs for UCI Lisp (version from University of
Texas running on SRI-AI Tops-20 2060 with compatibility package.)

Notes on this program:  The SUB1 is generic and is not compiled in-line.

(TAK 18. 12. 6.)
Interpreted: 22.485 seconds
Compiled, no fast links: 5.124 seconds
Compiled, fast links: 1.099 seconds

(The slowdown for the first two results may be due to increased time to search
the OBLIST.  I don't know why the third time is 7% slower than the recursive
TAK.  It might be due to increased swapping from other jobs??)

∂08-May-82  2148	Kim.jkf at Berkeley 	updated mas benchmark results
Date: 8 May 1982 21:41:30-PDT
From: Kim.jkf at Berkeley
To: rpg@su-ai
Subject: updated mas benchmark results
Cc: Kim.fateman@Berkeley

  I ran it with local functions and here are the complete results:

mas benchmark (tak benchmark using tak0 through tak99)
Lisp Opus 38.16,
Liszt 8.06

				780			750

slow links			13.26			19.17

normal links			 3.62			 5.09

local functions			 1.7			 2.7

slow links = translink nil, fast links = translink on

∂10-May-82  1917	Mabry Tyson <Tyson at SRI-AI> 	MAS timings for UCI-Lisp
Date: 10 May 1982 1913-PDT
From: Mabry Tyson <Tyson at SRI-AI>
Subject: MAS timings for UCI-Lisp
To: rpg at SU-AI

Timings for the MAS benchmark for UCI-Lisp (version from UTexas-20, run
on SRI-AI):

(MAS L18 L12 L6)

Compiled, slow links ((NOUUO T))	15.849 seconds
Compiled, fast links ((NOUUO NIL))	 3.633 seconds