perm filename VOTE[COM,LSP] blob sn#681163 filedate 1982-10-07 generic text, type C, neo UTF8
C00001 00001
C00002 00002	/BALLOT/
C00005 ENDMK

About LOOP: I believe that a LOOP construct of some sort is needed: I am
constantly bumping into the limitations of MacLisp-style DO.  The
Symbolics people claim that LOOP, as defined in the current proposal, is
well thought-out and indispensible. Not having used it particularly, I
cannot pass judgement on this. I advocate putting LOOP into the hottest
regions of the Yellow Pages, meaning that people should use it immediately
so that any improvements to clarity can be made rapidly. The best possible
LOOP should then be moved to the White Pages.

My prejudice is that LOOP code is very difficult to understand. On the
other hand, closures are difficult for many people to understand, and
perhaps the difficulty is due to unfamiliarity in the LOOP case as it is
in the closure case.

In my current programming I do not define my own iteration construct
(though I have in the past) because I've found that other people (such as
myself at a later date) do not readily understand my code when it contains
idiosyncratic control structures.  If we do not standardize on a LOOP
construct soon we will be faced with the fact of many people defining
their own difficult-to-understand control structures.

About Arrays: I prefer the "RPG memorial", but I do not feel so strong
about this that I would sink the Common Lisp effort over it. I hope other
people observe this behavior and note its altruism by mimicry where