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SAIL, the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and
DART, Dump and Restore Technique, tape backup utility program.

This archive presents the index to DART files recorded on tape at SAIL between November 1972 and August 1990. SAIL text files were encoded in a non-standard 7-bit character set which has been translated into UTF8 equivalents. Many SAIL binary files, such as vector plots, animation, television camera digital images, and music have been converted into HTML5 embedded formats. Demonstration of SAIL PDP-10 programs is possible using Javascript. The exact bits of each SAIL file is available in octal. Other contributions to this web site include films, scanned paper documents, and analog snapshot pictures from the period. Here is the 1972 Rolling Stone article about SAIL, a 2009 reunion group picture, links to reunion video talks given at Stanford 22 November 2009. The Celebration of John McCarthy's Accomplishments at Stanford 25 March 2012 YouTube.com links are listed here with text.

Published areas of this archive

#of dir code #of filenames first date last date description
18 DOC 9,751 1964-01 1990-08 Documentation
6 CSR 1,735 1976-07 1983-01 Computer Science Reports
112 SYS 76,164 1964-01 1990-08 Systems
30 HE 14,090 1964-01 1986-03 Hand Eye Project
31 LSP 9,753 1965-04 1990-08 LISP programming language
14 AIL 6,017 1964-01 1982-09 SAIL programming language
4 NET 2,675 1972-05 1990-08 Network
2 3 13,982 1970-03 1990-08 System binary executables
52 MUS 10,656 1969-01 1982-01 Music
30 TEX 366 1981-02 1985-06 TeX typesetting system.
60 BGB 4,949 1970-11 1979-02 Example graduate student, myself.

Login programmer codes

code name
LESLes Earnest
JMCJohn McCarthy
DEKDonald Ervin Knuth
JCJohn Chowning
LCSLeland Smith
JAMAndy Moorer
RWGBill Gosper
MEMarty Frost
WDWhit Diffie
DBA Bruce Anderson
MFB Martin Brooks

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Some GEOMED 3-D models are viewable in HTML5 X3D here.