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This site is designed as a repository for various lisp machine related projects. I'm happy to host other lispm projects - send me email.

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Brad Parker                                                                                                              

Projects Notes:

CADR lispm font. A nice font you can use with X - it looks the same as the CADR lispm console font.

CADR usim v0.9 - Mac OSX support - mouse now in sync with cursor - warm start!

Added texinfo/html Lisp machine manual, 4th ed

Recent work
CADR usim v0.9 - Mac OSX, mouse sync, warm start
CADR usim v0.8 - alu fixes. New chaos code.
CADR usim v0.7 - builds on OS X. Win32 version. New chaos code.
Meroko - boots into lisp!

Current Projects:


TI Explorer Series


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