Fract is not working at the moment. I experienced some complications while upgrading from Sarge to Etch. It should be back online during the summer. Don't worry, I have a backup of all the best regions. I just don't have a backup system to put it on.


Fract is a Common Lisp web zoomer for the Mandelbrot Set. It's using poly-pen for rendering and Araneida for the web support. Take a look at it live. There are no advanced features, the goal is to keep the code easy to read for someone interested in fractals. The package also includes an offline renderer that you can use to generate hi resolution images of your favorite spots. You can also play easily with the color map.


The latest version is 0.5.15: fract-0.5.15.tar.gz (sig) You can also hit my GNU Arch archive if you want to bleeding edge.

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