"Finishing NetHack is not a trivial accomplishment, so some bragging is probably called for."
-- The FAQ

The Movie

On 2003-11-23, I finally ascended my dwarven valkyrie ! This is the html movie of the last part of my trip in the Dungeons of Doom. You can download an archive that start at the moment where I left my stash on level 21 either zipped (22Mb) or tarred (15Mb). You can also jump right to the final battle on the Astral Plane that I keep online for your viewing pleasure.

The Pictures

I also took some pictures of my ascension. You can see the altar to Tyr, the offering of the Amulet of Yendor, all the cool stuff I had with me, my attributes, all the poor creatures that have died by my hand, the ones I genocided, my conduct and finally, my score.

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