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Apple Bug Reporting Guide

1. Problem Description

Please choose the product or software component that you believe the problem originates with.

Nature of the bug:
Please select the appropriate classification for the bug that you are reporting from the drop down list.

This helps us properly classify the priority of this problem.

Are you able to reproduce this bug?
Please let us know how frequently you are able to reproduce this problem.

This information will assist our engineers in diagnosing the issue.

Version/Build Number:
Please let us know the build number of the operating system that you are using. To obtain this information in Mac OS X, select "About this Mac" from the Apple menu. Next, click on the version number listed under "Mac OS X". You will then be able to view the build number.

Problem Report Title:
The ideal problem title is succinct and informative. This field is limited to 80 characters. Please try to convey the main idea of the problem you are reporting and assume a high-level of knowledge for any screener of the bug.

Error should be displayed when trying to connect to an invalid path.

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2. Problem Description Engineering Requirements
Please include a Summary, Steps to Reproduce, Expected Results, Actual Results, Workaround and Isolation.

Here you should recap the problem title and include more descriptive summary information.
Steps to Reproduce:
Please describe the step-by-step process we can use to produce this bug, starting with how your system was set up (you can make references to your configuration).


  1. Open the Mail "In" tray.
  2. Open a letter.
  3. An insertion point appears briefly in the In Tray in the same position that it will appear in the message editor.

Expected Results:
Please describe what you expected to happen when you executed the steps above.

Actual Results:
Please explain what actually occurred when you execute the steps above.

If you have found a workaround for this problem, please describe it.

If you have been able to repeat this problem on another configuration, results go here.

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3. Configuration Information

We need accurate configuration information so that we can reproduce the issue. To ensure our engineers can successfully test bugs, complete System Profiler reports should always be included with bug submissions. Reports should include at minimum, information about the CPU, memory, mass storage, displays, peripherals. Operating system type/Version, Control Panel settings, extensions, Network Connection, and third-party software. System Profiler reports should be saved using the new System Profiler 4.0 format, which results in a .spx file. Please send this file to

1. If reporting a crashing bug, a Crash Log is required.
2. If reporting a Kernel panic, a Panic Report is required.
3. Include System Profiler Reports.
4. Other setup information or instructions as described in the template.

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4. Contact Information

Please ensure that we have your current contact information.

Email Address:
Phone Number:

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