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Bug Reporting

The Apple Developer Connection greatly appreciates the efforts of our ADC members who help us discover and isolate bugs within our products.

Please note: Workarounds are considered to be Technical Support incidents. You must purchase Technical Support if you would like to receive a workaround. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a workaround is possible for any given bug report.

If you would like to find out if there is a solution to the problem you are experiencing without purchasing Technical Support, please refer to Apple Customer Support Options.

For information about joining the Apple Developer Connection (ADC) Programs, please visit ADC Programs.

The following fields are all required to process this report. Enter 'N/A' in fields that are not applicable.

Your Full Name
Company Name
Phone Number
Email Address
Problem Title
Restate the problem title and/or include more descriptive summary information.
Steps to Reproduce Include any setup or preparation work and the steps we can take to reproduce the problem.
Results Describe your results and how they differed from what you expected.
Regression Provide information on steps taken to isolate the problem. Under what conditions or circumstances does the problem occur or not occur.
Workaround Is there a workaround? Yes   No
If there is a workaround for the problem, please describe it in detail.
Documentation & Notes

Document any additional information that might be useful in resolving the problem.

Crashlogs are very useful in helping our engineers investigate Mac OS X bugs. To locate a crash log, please check one of the following locations:


When a kernel panic occurs, our engineers require a backtrace in order to further diagnose the issue. Backtraces are saved to nvram on restart/shutdown, then copied to the panic.log file on restart. You can find this file in ~/Library/Logs.

Configuration To ensure our engineers can successfully test bugs, complete System Profiler reports should always be included with bug submissions. Please submit your System Profiler report using the new System Profiler 4.0 format, which results in a .spx file. Then, send this file to
Product Name
Version/Build Number