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Bug Reporting

Apple greatly appreciates the efforts of our ADC members who help us discover and isolate bugs within our products.

As an ADC member, you may submit bug reports/enhancement requests on Apple products and track these submissions using the Bug Reporter.

Please note: Workaround requests must be filed as a Technical Support Incident, not as a bug report.

Bug Reporter Basics

  1. Join the Apple Developer Connection
    If you are not yet an ADC member, visit our membership programs page to learn more about our various levels of developer programs, including our (free) Online membership.

  2. Log In and File Bug Report
    Use your ADC Apple ID and password to access the Bug Reporter.

  3. Check the Status of Your Bugs
    Click the 'My Originated Problems' tab to track your reported issues.

  4. Learn More about the Bug Reporter
    Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.