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Darwin Mailing LIsts

In order to keep user and developers in touch with each other (and us), we've set up some mailing lists for announcements and discussions.

Some lists are moderated lists, to which only certain people can send mail, unless passed along by a moderator. These lists tend to be lower-volume lists that you can use to hear about what's happening without getting overloaded with too much mail.

Discussion lists may be posted to by all list members, and provide forums in which you can ask questions and bring up new topics.

We expect the number of lists to grow as discussion topics demand, so you may want to check back here occasionally to see what's available.

Visit for more information and instructions on how to subscribe to these lists.


Hyperlink to mailing list archive is available at each individual mailing list main page.

Searchable archives:


Announcements about Open Source projects from Apple. (Moderated)

Notices about how to obtain modifications to Open Source projects from Apple. (Moderated)

Technical discussions about development on or with Darwin.

Technical discussion for Darwin hardware (IOKit) drivers. Discussion for other KEXTs and NKEs should take place on Darwin-Kernel.

Technical discussion on the Darwin Mach+BSD kernel.

Technical discussion on Darwin user-level software (e.g., commands and libraries.)

Information about installing or using Darwin.

Technical discussion for Darwin that is specific to the x86 platform.

Technical discussions about development on or with Darwin Streaming Server.

Technical discussions relating to the OpenPlay/NetSprocket Open Source Project.

Technical discussions relating to the HeaderDoc Open Source Project.

Technical discussion for the Common Data Security Architecture project.

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