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QuickTime Streaming

This documentation provides

Read both of these sections if your application plays, edits, or creates streaming QuickTime movies, or if you want to send streaming QuickTime movies from a server.

If your application plays streaming QuickTime movies, it should deal gracefully with the errors on this list.

Read the description of the hint track file structure only if you are writing an RTP server that will send QuickTime movies, or if you are writing a media packetizer.

This section is only for developers who want to optimize the delivery and error-recovery of a particular media by writing a packetizer and a reassembler. You might want to do this if you have developed your own codec, for example.

The definitions of these functions are provided for developers who are writing media packetizers and reassemblers. These functions are not called by applications.


About Streaming

Using QuickTime Streaming

Writing Media Packetizers and Reassemblers

QuickTime Streaming Reference

Hint Track Format

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