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Inside Macintosh: Devices /

Chapter 4 - SCSI Manager 4.3

SCSI Manager 4.3 is an enhanced version of the SCSI Manager that provides new features as well as compatibility with the original version. SCSI Manager 4.3 is contained in the ROM of high-performance computers such as the Macintosh Quadra 840AV and the Power Macintosh 8100/80. Beginning with system software version 7.5, SCSI Manager 4.3 is also available as a system extension that can be installed in any Macintosh computer that uses the NCR 53C96 SCSI controller chip.

In addition to the capabilities of the original SCSI Manager, SCSI Manager 4.3 provides

You should read this chapter if you are writing a SCSI device driver or other software for Macintosh computers that use SCSI Manager 4.3. To make best use of this chapter, you should understand the Device Manager and the implementation of device drivers in Macintosh computers. If you are designing a SCSI peripheral device for the Macintosh, you should read Designing Cards and Drivers for the Macintosh Family, third edition, and Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware, second edition.

This chapter assumes you are familiar with the following SCSI specifications established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI):

If you are writing a device driver for a block-structured storage device such as hard disk, you should also read the chapter "SCSI Manager" in this book for information about the structure of block devices used by the Macintosh Operating System. Because many Macintosh models continue to use the original SCSI Manager, you may want to design your software to operate with both SCSI Manager 4.3 and the original SCSI Manager.

Chapter Contents
About SCSI Manager 4.3
SCSI Interface Modules
System Performance
Using SCSI Manager 4.3
Locating SCSI Devices
Describing Data Buffers
Handshaking Instructions
Error Recovery Techniques
Optional Features
Writing a SCSI Device Driver
Loading and Initializing a Driver
Selecting a Startup Device
Transitions Between SCSI Environments
Handling Asynchronous Requests
Handling Immediate Requests
Virtual Memory Compatibility
Writing a SCSI Interface Module
SIM Initialization and Operation
Supporting the Original SCSI Manager
Handshaking of Blind Transfers
Supporting DMA
Loading Drivers
SCSI Manager 4.3 Reference
Data Structures
Simple Data Types
Device Identification Record
Command Descriptor Block Record
Scatter/Gather List Element
SCSI Manager Parameter Block Header
SCSI I/O Parameter Block
SCSI Bus Inquiry Parameter Block
SCSI Abort Command Parameter Block
SCSI Terminate I/O Parameter Block
SCSI Virtual ID Information Parameter Block
SCSI Load Driver Parameter Block
SCSI Driver Identification Parameter Block
SIM Initialization Record
SCSI Manager 4.3 Functions
Client Functions
SIM Support Functions
SIM Internal Functions
Summary of SCSI Manager 4.3
C Summary
Data Types
Pascal Summary
Data Types
Assembly-Language Summary
Data Structures
Trap Macros
Result Codes

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