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Inside Macintosh: Devices /
Chapter 4 - SCSI Manager 4.3 / SCSI Manager 4.3 Reference
SCSI Manager 4.3 Functions / SIM Internal Functions


This function informs a SIM that a new XPT layer has been installed. The SIM should call the SCSIReregisterBus function to register itself with the new XPT.

typedef void (*SIMActionProc) (void * scsiPB, Ptr SIMGlobals);
A pointer to a SCSI Manager parameter block.
A pointer to the SIM's static data storage.
-->scsiPBLengthUInt16The size of the parameter block.
-->scsiFunctionCodeUInt8The SCSIRegisterWithNewXPT function selector code (0x88).

After a new XPT installs itself, and before it removes the old XPT, it sends the SCSIRegisterWithNewXPT request to all SIMs registered with the old XPT. Each SIM should then call the SCSIReregisterBus function to register with the new XPT. This allows SIMs to keep their existing bus number and static data storage when installing themselves in a new XPT.

noErr0No error
scsiQLinkInvalid-7881The qLink field was not 0

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