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Inside Macintosh: Devices /

Chapter 5 - ADB Manager

This chapter describes the ADB Manager, the part of the Macintosh Operating System that allows you to get information about and communicate with hardware devices attached to the Apple Desktop Bus (ADB). On most Macintosh computers, the ADB is used to communicate with the keyboard, the mouse, and other user-input devices.

The Macintosh Operating System contains standard keyboard and mouse handling routines that automatically take care of all required ADB access operations. Applications typically receive keyboard and mouse input by calling the Event Manager, not by calling the ADB Manager. For complete information about receiving and interpreting keyboard and mouse input, see the chapter "Event Manager" in Inside Macintosh: Macintosh Toolbox Essentials.

This chapter begins with an overview of the Apple Desktop Bus and the ADB Manager. It also shows how to

For detailed information about the ADB hardware, see Guide to the Macintosh Family Hardware, second edition.

Chapter Contents
About the Apple Desktop Bus
Characteristics of ADB Devices
About the ADB Manager
ADB Commands
ADB Transactions
ADB Device Registers
Register 0
Register 3
Default ADB Device Address and Device Handler Identification
ADB Device Table
Address Resolution
ADB Communication
Using the ADB Manager
Checking for the ADB Manager
Getting Information About ADB Devices
Communicating With ADB Devices
Writing an ADB Device Handler
Installing an ADB Device Handler
Creating an ADB Device Handler
ADB Manager Reference
Data Structures
ADB Data Block
ADB Information Block
ADB Operation Block
ADB Manager Routines
Initializing the ADB Manager
Communicating Through the ADB
Getting ADB Device Information
Setting ADB Device Information
Application-Defined Routines
ADB Device Handlers
ADB Command Completion Routines
Summary of the ADB Manager
Pascal Summary
Data Types
ADB Manager Routines
Application-Defined Routines
C Summary
Data Types
ADB Manager Functions
Application-Defined Functions
Assembly-Language Summary
Data Structures
Trap Macros
Global Variables
Result Codes

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