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Inside Macintosh: Devices



'DRVR' resource type [1]
'DRVR' resource type


A5 world
    accessing in SCSI completion routines
activity timer
    controlling [1]
    resetting [1] [2]
    types of activity
ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) [1]
ADB commands
    described [1]
    format of
    Listen Register 3 [1] [2]
    sending directly to devices [1]
    Talk Register 0
    Talk Register 3
ADB device handler ID
    described [1]
ADB device handlers
    described [1]
    writing [1]
ADB device registers
    register 0 [1]
    register 3 [1]
ADB device table [1] [2]
ADB device table entry
ADB devices
    address resolution for [1] [2]
    characteristics of
    characteristics of 
    collision detection among
    communication with [1]
    default addresses of [1]
    device handler ID. See ADB device handler ID
    device handlers for. See ADB device handlers
    getting information about [1]
    licensing of [1]
    polling of [1]
    random addresses returned by
    registers of [1] [2]
    sending commands directly to [1]
    sending commands to
      Listen Register 3 [1] [2]
      Talk Register 0 [1] [2]
      Talk Register 3 [1] [2]
    service request signals asserted by [1]
    specifications for
    types of
ADB Manager [1]
    and the Device Manager
    application-defined routines for [1]
    data structures in [1]
    routines in [1]
    testing for availability
ADB operation block
ADB transactions
ADBOp function
ADBOp function [1]
ADBOpBlock data type
ADBOpBlock data type
ADBReInit function
ADBReInit procedure [1]
AOff procedure
AOn procedure
AOnIgnoreModem procedure
Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) [1]
Apple Software Licensing [1]
application global variables
    using in sleep procedures [1]
asynchronous device driver
asynchronous I/O requests
    and SCSI Manager 4.3
    and the I/O queue
    and the Serial Driver
    guidelines for using
asynchronous serial communication protocol
asyncTrpBit constant
automatic sleep
    . See also sleep timer
    determining if enabled
    enabling and disabling
AutoSleepControl function
AuxDCE data type [1]
AuxDCE data type


battery information structure
battery time structure
battery, portable Macintosh computers
    low voltage
    number of
    reading the status of [1] [2]
    relative charge
    state of charger
    time remaining
    warning level
batteryCharging constant
BatteryCount function
batteryInstalled constant
BatteryStatus function
BatteryStatus function [1]
baud rate
blind transfer [1] [2]
block device [1] [2]
Block0 data type [1]
Block0 data type
board sResources [1]
BoardID entries
boardID field
BOff procedure
BOn procedure
bus field
bus interfaces
busID field
byte lanes [1] [2]


canGetBatteryTime constant
canWakeupOnRing constant
cards. See expansion cards
CDB data type
cdbBytes field
cdbPtr field
character device
chargerConnected constant
    extensions [1]
close routine [1] [2]
CloseDeskAcc function
CloseDeskAcc function [1]
CloseDriver function
CloseDriver function [1]
CntrlParam data type
command descriptor block (CDB) [1] [2] [3]
Common Access Method (CAM) specification
Communications Toolbox
completion routine
configuration ROM. See declaration ROM
Control function
Control function [1]
control routine [1] [2]
CountADBs function
CPU, portable Macintosh computers [1]
    current speed
      determining if enabled
      enabling or disabling
    maximum speed
    restart speed
csCode field
csParam field
ctsHold field
cumErrs field
CurrentProcessorSpeed function


data communication equipment
data terminal equipment
dataBuffPtr field
dbDataAreaAddr field
dbServiceRtPtr field
dCtlCurTicks field
dCtlDelay field
dCtlDevBase field
dCtlDriver field
dCtlEMask field
dCtlEnable flag
dCtlExtDev field
dCtlFlags field
dCtlMenu field
dCtlOwner field
dCtlPosition field
dCtlQHdr field
dCtlRefNum field
dCtlSlot field
dCtlSlotId field
dCtlStorage field
dCtlWindow field
ddBlock field
ddPad field
ddSize field
ddType field
declaration ROM [1] [2]
desk accessory
    creating driver resources for
    writing [1]
device control entry
    for slot device drivers
device control entry (DCE) data structure [1] [2]
device driver
    asynchronous requests [1] [2]
    asynchronous routines
    Chooser extensions [1]
    close routine
    communicating with
    control routine
    controlling and monitoring
    driver resource
    flags [1]
    I/O queue
    immediate requests
    KillIO requests
    loading from sResources [1]
    notification of impending sleep state
    open routine
    opening and closing
    prime routine
    standard types
    status routine
device handlers for ADB  devices
device handlers for ADB devices [1]
device identification record [1]
Device Manager [1]
    data structures in [1]
    functions in [1]
    parameter block [1]
    resources for [1]
device package
    creating [1]
DeviceIdent data type [1]
devType field
dialog boxes
    effect on a portable Macintosh computer's sleep state
dimming timer
    controlling [1]
    determining whether enabled
    enabling and disabling
DimmingControl function
DisableIdle function
DisableIdle procedure [1]
DisableWUTime function [1] [2]
dNeedGoodbye flag
dNeedLock flag
dNeedTime flag
dOpenedMask constant
dRAMBased flag
dRAMBasedMask constant
dReadEnable flag
driver descriptor record [1] [2]
driver flags [1]
driver header
driver I/O queue
driver name
driver reference number
driver registration table [1] [2]
driver resources [1]
    creating [1]
driver routines
    close [1] [2]
    control [1] [2]
    entering and exiting
    open [1] [2]
    prime [1] [2]
    status [1] [2]
DriverInstall function [1]
DriverInstallReserveMem function [1]
DriverRemove function [1]
drvrActiveMask constant
drvrDelay value
drvrEMask value
drvrMenu value
dStatEnable flag
dWritEnable flag
dynamicSpeedChange constant


EnableIdle procedure
EnableProcessorCycling function
EnteringSIM field
EnteringSIM function [1]
errs field
evts field
ExitingSIM field
ExitingSIM function [1]
expansion cards
    . See also Slot Manager
    base addresses of [1]
    determining if changed [1]
    getting information from [1]
    initialization status of [1]
    NuBus. See NuBus cards
    processor-direct slot (PDS) [1]
extModemSelected constant
extModemSelected constant


f32BitMode constant
f32BitMode flag
fAll constant [1] [2]
fAll flag [1] [2]
fCardIsChanged constant
fCardIsChanged flag
fCkForNext constant
fCkForNext flag
fConsecBytes constant
fConsecBytes flag
fCTS field
fDTR field
Fetch routine [1] [2]
fhByteLanes field
fhCRC field
fhDirOffset field
FHeaderRec data type
FHeaderRec data type [1]
fhFormat field
fhLength field
fhReserved field
fhROMRev field
fhTstPat field
fInX field
firmware, in declaration ROM [1]
fNext constant [1] [2]
fNext flag [1] [2]
fOneSlot constant [1] [2]
fOneSlot flag [1] [2]
fOpenAtStart flag
format block [1] [2]
format header record [1]
fsAtMark constant
fsCurPerm constant
fsFromMark constant
fsFromStart constant
fsRdPerm constant
fsRdWrPerm constant
FSRead function
FSRead function [1]
FSWrite function
FSWrite function [1]
fsWrPerm constant
FullProcessorSpeed function
functional sResources
fWarmStart constant
fWarmStart flag
fXOn field


GetADBInfo function
GetADBInfo function [1]
GetBatteryTimes function
GetBatteryVoltage function
GetCPUSpeed function
GetDCtlEntry function
GetDCtlEntry function [1]
GetDimmingTimeout function
GetHardDiskTimeout function
GetIndADB function
GetIndADB function [1]
GetIntModemInfo function
GetScaledBatteryInfo function [1]
GetSCSIDiskModeAddress function
GetSleepTimeout function
GetWakeupTimer function
GetWUTime function
GetWUTime function [1]


hard disk queue
    installing a routine
    removing a routine
hard disk queue structure
hard disk timer
    enabling or disabling
hard disk, in portable Macintosh computers
    . See also hard disk queue, hard disk timer
    controlling [1]
    determining if automatic spindown is enabled
    determining if on
    enabling or disabling automatic spindown
    shutting down, receiving notification of
    turning off
HardDiskPowered function
HardDiskQInstall function
HardDiskQRemove function
hasDimmingSupport constant
hasInternalModem constant
hasProcessorCycling constant
hasReducedSpeed constant
hasSCSIDiskMode constant
hasSharedModemPort constant
hasWakeupTimer constant
HBA (host bus adaptor)
hicharge counter
host bus adaptor (HBA)


I/O queue
idle state [1] [2]
    controlling [1]
IdleUpdate function
immediate I/O requests
    and SCSI Manager 4.3
    and the I/O queue
    at interrupt time
inactivity, portable Macintosh computers
InitSDeclMgr function
InitSDeclMgr function [1]
InsertSRTRec function
InsertSRTRec function [1]
Inside Macintosh
    chapter format
    format conventions [1]
    format of parameter blocks [1]
intModemOffHook constant
intModemRingDetect constant
intModemRingWakeEnb constant
internal modem. See modem, portable Macintosh computers
interrupt handler
interrupt service routines
    Slot Manager [1] [2]
intModemOffHook constant
intModemRingDetect constant
intModemRingWakeEnb constant
ioActCount field
ioBuffer field
ioCmdAddr field
ioCompletion field
ioCRefNum field
IODone routine [1] [2]
ioMisc field
ioNamePtr field
IOParam data type
ioPBSize field
ioPermssn field
ioPosMode field
ioPosOffset field
ioRefNum field
ioReqCount field
ioResult field
ioTrap field
ioVersNum field
ioVRefNum field
IsAutoSlpControlDisabled function
IsDimmingControlDisabled function
IsProcessorCyclingEnabled function
IsSpindownDisabled function


JADBProc system global variable


    Apple Extended
      ADB device default address of [1] [2]
      and the ADB Manager
      device handler ID [1] [2]
      device handlers for
    Apple Standard
      ADB device default address of [1] [2] [3]
      and the ADB Manager
      device handler ID [1] [2]
      device handlers for
KillIO function
KillIO function [1]
KillIO requests


Listen Register 3 command
logical block
LUN field


MajorBaseOS entries
MakeCallback field
MakeCallback function [1]
MaximumProcessorSpeed function
minor slot spaces
MinorBaseOS entries
modem, portable Macintosh computers
    controlling power to [1]
    reading status of [1] [2]
    ring-detect feature
    ring-wakeup feature
    setting state of
modemInstalledBit constant
modemOnBit constant
modemOnHookBit constant
ModemStatus function
ModemStatus function [1]
mouse devices
    device handler for
mustProcessorCycle constant


NewOldCall field
NewOldCall function [1]
NGetTrap function
noQueueBit constant
NuBus cards
    address allocation [1]
    bus interfaces [1]
    byte lanes [1] [2]
    declaration ROM
    firmware [1]
    format block [1]
    minor slot spaces
    slot spaces [1]
    super slot spaces
NuBus expansion interface [1]


oldCallCapable field
opDataAreaPtr field
open routine [1] [2]
OpenDeskAcc function [1] [2]
OpenDriver function
OpenDriver function [1]
OpenSlot function
OpenSlot function [1]
opServiceRtPtr field
origADBAddr field


ParamBlockRec data type
ParamBlockRec data type [1]
parameter block
    Device Manager [1]
    format of [1]
    SCSI abort command
    SCSI bus inquiry [1]
    SCSI driver identification
    SCSI I/O [1]
    SCSI load driver
    SCSI Manager [1]
    SCSI terminate I/O
    SCSI virtual ID information
    Slot Manager [1]
parameter RAM [1] [2]
Partition data type
Partition data type [1]
partition map [1]
partition map entry record [1]
PBClose function [1]
PBClose function
PBControl function
PBControl function [1]
PBKillIO function [1]
PBKillIO function
PBOpen function
PBOpen function [1]
PBRead function [1]
PBRead function
PBStatus function
PBStatus function [1]
PBWrite function
PBWrite function [1]
physical block
pMapSIG constant
pmBootAddr field
pmBootAddr2 field
pmBootCksum field
pmBootEntry field
pmBootEntry2 field
pmBootSize field
pmDataCnt field
PMFeatures function
pmLgBootStart field
pmLgDataStart field
pmMapBlkCnt field
pmPad field
pmPartBlkCnt field
pmPartName field
pmPartStatus field
pmParType field
pmProcessor field
pmPyPartStart field
PMSelectorCount function
pmSig field
pmSigPad field
polled transfer [1] [2]
portable Macintosh computers
    activity timer
      controlling [1]
      resetting [1] [2] [3]
      types of activity
      low voltage
      number of
      reading the status of [1] [2]
      relative charge
      state of charger
      time remaining
      warning level
    controlling serial power [1]
    CPU. See CPU, portable Macintosh computers
    dimming timer
      controlling [1]
      determining whether enabled
      enabling and disabling
    hard disk. See hard disk, in portable Macintosh computers
    hicharge counter
    idle state
      controlling [1]
    internal modem
      controlling power to [1]
      reading status of [1]
      ring-detect feature
      ring-wakeup feature
    modem. See modem, portable Macintosh computers
    power management circuits
    Power Manager IC [1] [2]
    processor speed. See CPU, portable Macintosh computers
    SCSI disk mode. See SCSI disk mode
    sleep state [1]
    sleep timer
      controlling [1]
      enabling and disabling
    wakeup timer
      controlling [1]
PostEvent function
power cycling
power management circuits, portable Macintosh computers
Power Manager [1]
    . See also portable Macintosh computers
    application-defined routines for [1]
    dispatch routines [1]
    routines in [1]
    testing for availability
    testing for features [1] [2]
    unsafe assumptions
Power Manager IC [1] [2]
power-saver state
PRAM. See parameter RAM
PRAMInitData entries [1] [2]
PrimaryInit entries [1] [2]
prime routine [1] [2]
processor-direct slot  (PDS)
processor-direct slot (PDS)


qLink field [1] [2]
qType field
queue freezing


rdPend field
rdVerify constant
reentrant device driver
resource types
rest state. See idle state
ring-detect feature, modem
ring-wakeup feature, modem
ringDetectBit constant
ringWakeUpBit constant


sbBlockCount field
sbBlockSize field
sbData field
sbDevId field
sbDevType field
sbDrvrCount field
sbSig field
sbSIGWord constant
scAdd TIB instruction  [1]
SCalcSPointer function [1]
SCalcSPointer function
SCalcStep function
SCalcStep function [1]
SCardChanged function
SCardChanged function [1]
scatter/gather list [1] [2]
    controlling power to [1]
scComp TIB instruction  [1]
scInc TIB instruction  [1]
SCkCardStat function
SCkCardStat function [1]
scLoop TIB instruction  [1]
scMove TIB instruction  [1]
scNoInc TIB instruction  [1]
scNop TIB instruction  [1]
screen saver. See dimming timer
    asynchronous requests
    autosense [1] [2]
    bus phases [1]
    bus signals [1]
    command descriptor block (CDB) [1] [2] [3]
    commands [1] [2]
    Common Access Method (CAM) specification
    device ID
    handshaking [1] [2] [3]
    host bus adaptor (HBA)
    immediate requests
    initiator device
    messages [1] [2]
    phase error [1]
    SCSI interface module (SIM)
    SCSI-2 specification
    specification [1] [2]
    target device
    timeout error
    transport (XPT)
    virtual bus
    virtual memory compatibility
SCSI abort command parameter block
SCSI bus inquiry parameter block [1]
SCSI disk mode [1]
    determining SCSI ID
    setting SCSI ID
SCSI driver identification parameter block
SCSI I/O parameter block [1]
SCSI interface module (SIM)
SCSI load driver parameter block
SCSI Manager [1]
    data structures in [1]
    routines in [1]
    TIB instructions [1]
SCSI Manager 4.3 [1]
    data structures in [1]
    functions in [1]
SCSI terminate I/O parameter block
SCSI virtual ID information parameter block
SCSIAbortCommand function [1]
SCSIAbortCommandPB data type
SCSIAction function [1]
scsiAdditionalLength field
scsiAsyncFlags field
SCSIBusInquiry function [1]
SCSIBusInquiryPB data type [1]
scsiCDB field
scsiCDBLength field
SCSICmd function  [1]
scsiCommandLink field
SCSIComplete function [1]
SCSIComplete function  [1]
scsiCompletion field
scsiControllerFamily field
scsiControllerType field
SCSICreateRefNumXref function [1]
scsiCurrentPhase field
scsiDataLength field
scsiDataPtr field
scsiDataResidual field
scsiDataType field
scsiDataTypes field
SCSIDeregisterBus function [1]
scsiDevice field
scsiDiskLoadFailed field
scsiDriver field
scsiDriverFlags field
SCSIDriverPB data type
scsiDriverStorage field
scsiEngineCount field
SCSIExecIO function [1]
SCSIExecIOPB data type [1]
scsiExists field
scsiFeatureFlags field
scsiFlags field
scsiFlagsSupported field
scsiFunctionCode field
SCSIGet function  [1]
SCSIGetVirtualIDInfo function
SCSIGetVirtualIDInfoPB data type
scsiHandshake field
scsiHBAInquiry field
scsiHBAslotNumber field
scsiHBAslotType field
scsiHBAVendor field
scsiHBAversion field
scsiHiBusID field
scsiInitiatorID field
scsiIOFlags field
scsiIOFlagsSupported field
scsiIOpbSize field
scsiIOptr field
SCSIKillXPT function [1]
SCSILoadDriver function [1]
SCSILoadDriverPB data type
scsiLoadedRefNum field
SCSILookupRefNumXref function [1]
scsiMaxIOpbSize field
scsiMaxLUN field
scsiMaxTarget field
scsiMaxTransferType field
SCSIMsgIn function  [1]
SCSIMsgOut function  [1]
scsiNextDevice field
SCSINop function [1]
SCSIOldCall function [1]
scsiOldCallID field
scsiOldCallResult field
scsiPBLength field
SCSIRBlind function
SCSIRBlind function  [1]
SCSIRead function
SCSIRead function  [1]
SCSIRegisterBus function [1]
SCSIRegisterWithNewXPT function [1]
SCSIReleaseQ function [1]
SCSIRemoveRefNumXref function [1]
SCSIReregisterBus function [1]
SCSIReset function  [1]
SCSIResetBus function [1]
SCSIResetDevice function [1]
scsiResult field
scsiResultFlags field
scsiScanFlags field
scsiSCSIstatus field
SCSISelAtn function  [1]
SCSISelect function  [1]
scsiSelector field
scsiSelectTimeout field
scsiSenseLength field
scsiSensePtr field
scsiSenseResidual field
scsiSGListCount field
scsiSIMPrivatesPtr field
scsiSIMPrivatesSize field
scsiSIMpublics field
scsiSIMsRsrcI field
scsiSIMVendor field
scsiSIMversion field
SCSIStat function  [1]
scsiTagAction field
scsiTargetModeFlags field
SCSITerminateIO function [1]
SCSITerminateIOPB data type
scsiTimeout field
scsiTransferType field
scsiVersionNumber field
SCSIWBlind function
SCSIWBlind function  [1]
scsiWeirdStuff field
SCSIWrite function
SCSIWrite function  [1]
scsiXPTversion field
SCSI_PB data type [1]
scStop TIB instruction  [1]
SDeleteSRTRec function
SDeleteSRTRec function [1]
SEBlock data type
SEBlock data type [1]
SecondaryInit entries
SerClrBrk function  [1]
SerGetBuf function  [1]
SerHShake function  [1]
serial communication
    asynchronous [1] [2]
    baud rate
    Communications Toolbox
    default settings
    external clocking
    flow control methods [1]
    RS-422 interface [1]
    signals used [1]
Serial Communications Controller. See SCC
Serial Driver
    alternate input buffer
    default settings
    handshaking options
    routines in [1]
    synchronous clocking
serial power, portable Macintosh computers
    controlling [1]
SerReset function  [1]
SerSetBrk function  [1]
SerSetBuf function  [1]
SerStatus function  [1]
service request signals (SRQ)
    asserted by ADB devices [1]
SetADBInfo function
SetADBInfo function [1]
SetDimmingTimeout function
SetHardDiskTimeout function
SetIntModemState function
SetOSDefault function
SetProcessorSpeed function
SetSCSIDiskModeAddress function
SetSleepTimeout function
SetSpindownDisable function
SetSRsrcState function
SetSRsrcState function [1]
SetWakeupTimer function
SetWUTime function [1] [2]
SExec function [1] [2]
SFindBigDevBase function
SFindBigDevBase function [1]
SFindDevBase function
SFindDevBase function [1]
SFindSInfoRecPtr function [1]
SFindSInfoRecPtr function
SFindSRsrcPtr function
SFindSRsrcPtr function [1]
SFindStruct function
SFindStruct function [1]
SGAddr field
SGCount field
SGetBlock function [1]
SGetBlock function
SGetCString function
SGetCString function [1]
SGetDriver function [1] [2]
SGetSRsrc function [1]
SGetSRsrc function
SGetSRsrcPtr function
SGetSRsrcPtr function [1]
SGetTypeSRsrc function [1]
SGetTypeSRsrc function
SGRecord data type
siCPUByteLanes field
siDataAreaAddr field
siDirPtr field
siInitStatusA field
siInitStatusV field
SIM (SCSI interface module)
SIM initialization record [1]
SIMAction field
SIMAction function [1]
simInfoUnused1 field
SIMInit field
SIMInit function [1]
SIMInitInfo data type [1]
simInternalUse field
SIMInterruptPoll field
SIMInterruptPoll function [1]
SIMstaticPtr field
SIM_ISR field
SInfoRecord data type
SInfoRecord data type [1]
SInitPRAMRecs function
SInitPRAMRecs function [1]
SInitSRsrcTable function [1]
SInitSRsrcTable function
SIntInstall function
SIntInstall function [1]
SIntRemove function
SIntRemove function [1]
siPadding field
siReserved field
siROMAddr field
siServiceRtPtr field
siSlot field
siState field
siStatusFlags field
siTOConstant field
siTopOfRom field
sleep demands [1]
    responding to [1]
    sequence of events
sleep now. See sleep demands, unconditional
sleep procedure selector codes
sleep procedures
    . See also sleep queue
    using application global variables [1]
sleep queue [1]
    adding an entry [1] [2]
    controlling [1]
    removing an entry
    responding to calls
    sleep demands [1]
      sequence of events
    sleep requests [1]
      sequence of events
    sleep-request revocations
    wakeup demands
sleep queue record [1] [2]
sleep requests [1]
    responding to
    sequence of events
sleep state [1] [2]
sleep timer
    . See also automatic sleep
    controlling [1]
    enabling and disabling
sleep-request revocations
    responding to
sleepQFlags field
SleepQInstall function
SleepQInstall procedure [1]
sleepQLink field
sleepQProc field
SleepQRemove procedure [1]
sleepQType field
slot address allocation
slot execution parameter block [1]
slot information record [1] [2]
slot interrupt queue [1]
slot interrupt queue element [1]
slot interrupts [1] [2]
Slot Manager [1]
    and firmware in declaration ROM [1]
    and interrupt service routines [1]
    data structures in [1]
    determining version of [1]
    initialization [1]
    low-level routines in [1]
    parameter block [1]
    routines in [1]
    versions of
slot parameter RAM record [1]
slot resource table
slot resources. See sResources
slot spaces [1]
SlotIntQElement data type
SlotIntQElement data type [1]
slots [1]
    . See also NuBus cards, Slot Manager
SNextSRsrc function [1]
SNextSRsrc function
SNextTypeSRsrc function
SNextTypeSRsrc function [1]
SOffsetData function
SOffsetData function [1]
SpBlock data type [1]
SpBlock data type
spByteLanes field
spCategory field
spCType field
spDrvrHW field
spDrvrSW field
spExecPBlk field
spExtDev field
spFlags field
spHWDev field
spID field
SpinDownHardDisk function
spIOFileName field
spIOReserved field
spKey field
spMisc field
spOffsetData field
spParamData field
SPRAMRecord data type [1]
spRefNum field
spReserved field
spResult field
SPrimaryInit function
SPrimaryInit function [1]
spSize field
spSlot field
spsPointer field
spTBMask field
SPtrToSlot function
SPtrToSlot function [1]
SPutPRAMRec function
SPutPRAMRec function [1]
sqAddr field
sqLink field
sqParm field
sqPrio field
sqType field
SReadByte function [1]
SReadByte function
SReadDrvrName function
SReadDrvrName function [1]
SReadFHeader function [1]
SReadFHeader function
SReadInfo function
SReadInfo function [1]
SReadLong function [1]
SReadLong function
SReadPBSize function
SReadPBSize function [1]
SReadPRAMRec function [1]
SReadPRAMRec function
SReadStruct function
SReadStruct function [1]
SReadWord function
SReadWord function [1]
sResource directories [1] [2]
sResource ID
sResource offset
    board [1]
    data types in [1]
    deleting [1] [2]
    enabling [1] [2]
    executing code in [1]
    getting information from [1]
    loading device drivers from [1]
    restoring [1] [2]
    searching [1] [2]
    structure of [1]
sRsrcBootRec entries
sRsrcFlags entries [1] [2]
SRsrcInfo function
SRsrcInfo function [1]
sRsrcName entries [1]
sRsrcType entries [1]
SSearchSRT function
SSearchSRT function [1]
standard device drivers
standard slot spaces
Start Manager
    and partition maps [1] [2]
    default startup device
Stash routine [1] [2]
staticSize field
Status function
Status function [1]
status routine [1] [2]
SUpdateSRT function
SUpdateSRT function [1]
super slot spaces
SVersion function
SVersion function [1]
synchronous device driver
synchronous I/O requests
    and SCSI Manager 4.3
    and the I/O queue
    and the Serial Driver
    at interrupt time
system extensions
    and installing ADB device handlers [1]


Talk Register 0 command
Talk Register 3 command
targetID field
TIB instructions
    . See also transfer instruction block
    data type
    scAdd  [1]
    scComp  [1]
    scInc  [1]
    scLoop  [1]
    scMove  [1]
    scNoInc  [1]
    scNop  [1]
    scStop  [1]
Ticks global variable
timer, wakeup. See wakeup timer
transfer instruction block (TIB) [1] [2]
transport (XPT)


unit number
unit table
    reserved entries
UnitNtryCnt system global variable
UTableBase system global variable


valid byte lanes
vendorUse field
virtual bus
virtual ID
virtual memory
    and SCSI device drivers


wakeup demands
    responding to
wakeup time structure
wakeup timer
    controlling [1] [2]
    setting and reading [1]
    use of
wrPend field


xOff field
xOffHold field
xOffSent field
xOn field
XPT (SCSI transport)
XPTextras field
XPTprivateFlags field
XPT_ISR field

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