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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 1 - Resource Manager / Resource Manager Reference
Resources in the System File


A package is a set of routines and data types that forms a part of the Toolbox or Operating System and is stored as a resource of type 'PACK'. In early models of the Macintosh computer, all packages were disk-based and brought into memory only when needed; some packages are now in ROM. The System file contains the standard Macintosh packages and the resources they use or own.
Package nameResource ID
List Manager 0
Disk Initialization Manager2
Standard File Package3
Floating-Point Arithmetic Package4
Transcendental Functions Package5
Text Utilities 6
Text Utilities (formerly referred to as the Binary-Decimal Conversion Package)7
Apple Event Manager8
PPC Browser9
Edition Manager11
Color Picker12
Data Access Manager13
Help Manager 14
Picture Utilities15

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