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The Development Environment

The system software routines described in this book are available using Pascal, C, or assembly-language interfaces. How you access these routines depends on the development environment you are using. When showing system software routines, this book uses the Pascal interface available with the Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW).

All code listings in this book are shown in Pascal (except for listings that describe resources, which are shown in Rez-input format). They show methods of using various routines and illustrate techniques for accomplishing particular tasks. All code listings have been compiled and in many cases tested. However, Apple Computer, Inc., does not intend for you to use these code samples in your application. You can find the location of code listings in the list of figures, tables, and listings beginning on page xvii. If you know the name of a particular routine (such as DoPictBalloon or MyPlotAnICON) shown in a code listing, you can find the page on which the routine occurs by looking under the entry "sample routines" in the index of this book.

To make the code listings in this book more readable, they show only limited error handling. You need to develop your own techniques for handling errors.

This book occasionally illustrates concepts by referring to a sample application called SurfWriter; this book also refers to the sample applications SurfPaint and SurfDB. These applications are not actual products of Apple Computer, Inc. This book also refers to a River control panel and SurfBoard display card. These are not actual products of Apple Computer, Inc. In addition, the name River Change Systems is used to represent a fictitious company.

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