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Inside Macintosh: More Macintosh Toolbox /
Chapter 1 - Resource Manager / Resource Manager Reference
Resource Manager Routines / Accessing Resource Entries in a Resource Map


To access the resource entries in a resource map in memory directly, you can use the RsrcMapEntry function.

FUNCTION RsrcMapEntry (theResource: Handle): LongInt;
A handle to a resource.
Given a handle to a resource, RsrcMapEntry returns the offset of the specified resource's entry from the beginning of the resource map in memory. If it doesn't find
the resource entry, RsrcMapEntry returns 0, and the ResError function returns the result code resNotFound. If you pass a handle whose value is NIL, RsrcMapEntry returns arbitrary data, but ResError returns the result code noErr.

Because the Resource Manager provides routines for opening, retrieving, and changing resources, there's usually no reason to access a resource map directly. To avoid damaging the file for which it's called, you should use RsrcMapEntry extremely carefully.
noErr0No error
resNotFound-192Resource not found
For an overview of the resource map, see "The Resource Map" beginning on page 1-7. For details of the structure of the resource map, see Figure 1-14 on page 1-115.

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