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Inside Macintosh: PowerPC System Software /
Chapter 3 - Code Fragment Manager / Code Fragment Manager Reference

The Code Fragment Resource

You use a code fragment resource to specify some characteristics of a code fragment. For an application, the code fragment resource indicates to the Process Manager that the application's data fork contains an executable code fragment. For an import library, the code fragment resource specifies the library's name and version information.

A code fragment resource must have resource ID 0.
Figure 3-1 shows the structure of a compiled code fragment resource.

Figure 3-1 Structure of a compiled code fragment ('cfrg') resource

The compiled version of a code fragment resource contains the following elements:

Following the array count is an array of code fragment information records. A single file can include one or more containers. Similarly, it might occasionally be useful to assign more than one name to a single import library or application. Typically, however, both applications and import libraries include just a single code fragment information record in their 'cfrg' resources. Each record has the format illustrated in Figure 3-2.

Figure 3-2 The format of a code fragment information record

A code fragment information record contains the following elements:

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