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Inside Macintosh: PowerPC System Software



'alis' resource type
'APPL' file type
'CDEF' resources
'cfrg' resource type [1] [2]
'LDEF' resources
'MDEF' resources
'shlb' file type [1] [2]
'WDEF' resources
'XCMD' resources
32-bit clean
680x0 applications [1]
    porting to PowerPC [1] [2] [3] [4]
    structure of
680x0 compatibility issues. See 68LC040 Emulator
680x0 context block
680x0 registers
    .See also A0 register, A5 register, A6 register, A7 register
    unsupported results
680x0 run-time environment [1]
    data alignment [1]
68851 paged memory-management unit
68881 floating-point unit
68882 floating-point unit
68LC040 Emulator [1] [2]
    .See also Mixed Mode Manager
    address error exceptions
    bus error exceptions
    byte smearing
    dynamic bus sizing
    floating-point instructions
    instruction cache
    instruction timings
    NOP instruction
    reserved fields
    unavailable instructions
    undefined results
    virutal memory


A-line instructions
A-traps. See A-line instructions
A0 register
    and the Vertical Retrace Manager
A5 register
    setting and restoring [1]
A5 world [1]
    and table of contents
A6 register
A7 register
accelerated resources [1] [2]
    and main symbols
    and termination routines
    calling at interrupt time
    data section in
    limitations on [1]
    using global data in [1]
action procedures. See control action procedures
address error exceptions
    Emulator compatibility issues
alert boxes, displayed by PowerPC applications
alias resources
alignment. See data alignment
ANSI-compliant source code [1] [2]
AppleShare servers
application extensions
    .See also fragments
application global variables
application parameters
application partitions
    automatic resizing of
    .See also fragments
    file type
    length of fragment
    location of fragment
    specifying instruction set architecture
    specifying library directory
    specifying stack size [1] [2]
ApplLimit global variable


backing volume. See paging devices
backing-store file
BCLR instruction
bit numbering conventions
block headers
BlockMove procedure
BSET instruction
BuildFatRoutineDescriptor macro
BuildRoutineDescriptor macro [1]
bus error exceptions
    Emulator compatibility issues
bus sizing. See dynamic bus sizing
byte smearing
    Emulator compatibility issues


CAAR. See Cache Address Register
    Emulator compatibility issues
Cache Address Register (CAAR), Emulator compatibility issues
Cache Control Register (CACR), Emulator compatibility issues
CACR. See Cache Control Register
calling conventions [1]
    .See also procedure information
    680x0 [1]
    C routines [1] [2]
    Operating System routines
    Pascal routines [1] [2]
    PowerPC [1]
    register-based routines
    selector-based C routines
    selector-based Pascal routines
    special cases. See special case routines
    specifying [1]
    THINK C routines
CALLM instruction
CallOSTrapUniversalProc function [1] [2]
CallUniversalProc function [1] [2] [3]
CCR. See Condition Code Register
CloseConnection function [1] [2]
closing resource forks
code fragment information records [1]
Code Fragment Loader
Code Fragment Manager [1] [2]
    data structures [1]
    reading code fragment resources
    resources [1]
    routines [1]
code fragment resources [1] [2]
code fragments. See fragments
code patches. See patches
code resources. See executable resources
code sections
code types. See instruction set architectures
code, self-modifying
compact discs
compatibility issues. See68LC040 Emulator
compile-time libraries. See definition libraries
completion routines
Condition Code Register (CCR)
    during mode switches
    specifying in procedure information
Condition Register (CR)
connection IDs
    defined [1] [2]
    specifying location of
context blocks. See 680x0 context blocks
control action procedures [1] [2]
control definition functions [1] [2]
control panels
cooperative multitasking environment
coprocessors [1]
counting symbols [1]
CountSymbols function [1] [2]
CR. See Condition Register
cross-mode call
    See explicit cross-mode call, implicit cross-mode call


data alignment [1]
data forks [1] [2]
data instantiation
data sections
    and accelerated resources
data, exchanging between PowerPC and 680x0 environments [1]
data, global. See global data
Debugger routine
    calling within an exception handler
DebugStr routine
    calling within an exception handler
default stack size [1] [2]
definition procedures. See control definition functions, list definition procedures, menu definition procedures, window definition functions
definition versions
detaching resources
DetachResource procedure
device drivers
    and the 68LC040 Emulator [1]
disk location records [1]
DiskFragment data type
DisposeHandle procedure
DisposePtr procedure
DisposeRoutineDescriptor function [1] [2] [3]
disposing of memory blocks
disposing of pictures
draw hook routines, specifying calling conventions of
drop-ins. See application extensions
dynamic bus sizing
    Emulator compatibility issues
dynamically linked libraries. See import libraries


emulator. See 68LC040 Emulator
epilog code
event filter functions
exception codes. See exceptions, types of
exception contexts
exception frames
    created by 68LC040 Emulator
exception handlers
    and the Red Zone
    installing [1] [2]
    limitations on
    writing [1]
exception information records [1] [2]
Exception Manager [1] [2]
    application-defined routines in [1]
    constants in [1]
    data structures in [1]
    routines in [1]
ExceptionInformation data type
    680x0 bus error [1]
    types of [1]
exchanging data between PowerPC and 680x0 environments [1]
executable resources [1]
    .See also accelerated resources, private resources
ExitToShell function
ExitToShell procedure
explicit cross-mode calls
exported symbols. See exports
exports [1] [2]
    getting information about [1]
Extended Common Object File Format (XCOFF)
Extensions folder
extensions. See application extensions and system extensions
external code [1]


F-line instructions
fake definition resources. See stub definition resources
fake handles
fake pointers
fat applications [1]
fat patches [1] [2]
fat resources [1] [2]
fat routine descriptors
file and directory registry [1]
file forks. See data forks, resource forks
file mapping [1]
file types
    'shlb' [1] [2]
finding symbols [1] [2]
FindSymbol function [1] [2]
floating-point data types
floating-point exceptions
floating-point information records
floating-point instructions
    Emulator compatibility issues
floating-point parameters
floating-point registers [1] [2] [3] [4]
Floating-Point Status and Control Register (FPSCR) [1]
floppy disks
flushing caches
forks. See data forks, resource forks
FP. See frame pointer
FPSCR. See Floating-Point Status and Control Register
FPUInformation data type
fragment initialization blocks [1]
fragment location records [1]
FragmentLocator data type
fragments [1] [2]
    defined [1] [2]
    finding symbols in [1]
    kinds of
    loading [1]
    special routines in [1] [2]
    specifying names of
    specifying size of
    storing [1]
    structure of [1]
    unloading [1]
frame pointer
frames. See stack frames or switch frames
free blocks
function prototypes [1] [2]


general-purpose registers [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
Gestalt function
Get1Resource function
GetApplLimit function [1] [2]
GetCurrentISA function [1]
GetDiskFragment function [1]
GetIndSymbol function [1] [2]
GetMemFragment function [1] [2]
GetNextEvent filter procedures, specifying calling conventions of
GetPicture function
GetSharedLibrary function [1] [2]
global data
    in accelerated resources [1]
global instantiation
global variables. See application global variables, QuickDraw global variables, and system global variables
grow-zone functions
    specifying procedure information for [1]


handles, fake
head patches
header files. See universal interface files
hit test hook routines, specifying calling conventions of
hybrid environment. See mixed environment
HyperCard extensions


I/O. See input/output
implementation versions
implicit cross-mode calls
import libraries [1]
    .See also fragments
    advantages of
    checking versions [1]
    data instantiation [1]
    definition version
    file and directory registry [1]
    file type [1] [2]
    implementation version
    length of fragment
    load directories
    location of fragment
    ROM registry
    search order [1]
    specifying definition version
    specifying implementation version
    specifying instruction set architecture
    specifying update levels
imported symbols. See imports
imports [1] [2]
imports. See also soft imports
in-place data instantiation
InitBlock data type
InitGraf procedure
initialization blocks. See fragment initialization blocks
initialization routines [1]
input/output, accessing memory-mapped locations [1]
Inside Macintosh
    bit numbering conventions [1]
    chapter format
    format conventions [1]
    format of parameter blocks [1]
InstallExceptionHandler function [1]
instantiation. See global instantiation, per-context instantiation, and per-load instantiation
instruction cache [1] [2]
instruction set architectures
    constants for
    determining [1]
    specifying for an application
    specifying for an import library
instruction timings
interface files. See universal interface files
interrupt time
    calling accelerated resources
    calling Memory Manager
interrupts. See exceptions

J, K

jump tables
KillPicture procedure


leaf procedures
libraries. See import libraries
library directories
line-start recalculation routines, specifying calling conventions of
Link Register
linkage area
list definition procedures [1] [2]
LMGetCurDirStore function
load directories
loading code fragments [1]
location records. See fragment location records
low-memory global variables. See system global variables
LR. See Link Register


machine information records [1] [2]
MachineInformation data type [1] [2]
Macintosh Programmer's Workshop [1] [2] [3]
main routines
    and accelerated resources
main symbols
    and accelerated resources
MakePEF tool
MemFragment data type
    organization of [1]
memory blocks
    disposing of
Memory control panel
memory exception records [1]