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PATHDocumentation > Mac OS 8 and 9 > Human Interface Toolbox > Window Manager >

Programming With the Mac OS 8.5 Window Manager


Obtains a window's proxy icon.

pascal OSStatus GetWindowProxyIcon (
                     WindowPtr window,
                     IconRef *outIcon);
A value of type WindowPtr . Pass a pointer to the window for which you wish to obtain the proxy icon.
A pointer to a value of type IconRef . On return, the icon reference identifies the icon currently used for the window's proxy icon. Your application is responsible for disposing of this icon reference.
function result
A result code. See Result Codes.

Your application should call the GetWindowProxyIcon function if it needs to obtain an IconRef value for a proxy icon, such as is required for the function SetWindowProxyIcon . See Supporting Window Proxy Icons for examples of how your application can provide proxy icon support in its document windows.


Available with Mac OS 8.5 and later.

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