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Programming With the Mac OS 8.5 Window Manager


Sets the highlight state of the window's structure region to reflect the window's validity as a drag-and-drop destination.

pascal OSStatus HiliteWindowFrameForDrag (
                     WindowPtr window,
                     Boolean hilited);
A value of type WindowPtr . Pass a pointer to the window for which you wish to set the highlight state.
A value of type Boolean . Set to true to indicate that the window's frame should be highlighted; otherwise, false .
function result
A result code. See Result Codes.

Applications typically call the Drag Manager functions ShowDragHilite and HideDragHilite to indicate that a window is a valid drag-and-drop destination. If your application does not do this--that is, if your application implements any type of custom drag highlighting, such as highlighting more than one area of a window at a time--it must call the HiliteWindowFrameForDrag function.

The HiliteWindowFrameForDrag function highlights a window's proxy icon when the user drags content inside the window that is a valid content type for that destination. The default behavior of system-defined windows is to highlight the proxy icon along with the window's content area when the window is a valid drag-and-drop destination. If you call the Drag Manager functions ShowDragHilite and HideDragHilite , you don't need to use HiliteWindowFrameForDrag .

See Supporting Window Proxy Icons for examples of how your application can provide proxy icon support in its document windows.


Available with Mac OS 8.5 and later.

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