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Programming With the Mac OS 8.5 Window Manager

Window Path Pop-Up Menus

The Mac OS 8.5 Window Manager provides system support for your application to display window path pop-up menus--like those used in Finder windows. If your application uses window path pop-up menus, when the user presses the Command key and clicks the window title, your window displays a pop-up menu containing a standard file system path. The window path pop-up menu informs the user of the location of the document displayed in the window and allows the user to open windows for folders along the path. Figure 1-6 shows a window path pop-up menu for a document window.

Figure 1-6  Window path pop-up menu

The Mac OS 8.5 Window Manager provides the following functions for handling the activation of window path pop-up menus. Displaying a Window Path Pop-Up Menu shows how your application can handle a user request to display the window path pop-up menu.

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